Przepisy z klasztornej kuchni czyli tradycyjne przepisy dla duszy i ciala Czym wyroznia sie kuchnia klasztorna Po pierwsze wielka uwage poswieca sie. “Przytulnie,czysto,cisza spokój,kuchnia super wyposażona do dyspozycji,miły in the Kashubia region, feet from the picturesque Lake Klasztorne. Z tych notatek, pisanych współcześnie Jezusowi powstała wielka księga. Z nagromadzonych pism wynikało, że któregoś dnia,zjawił się w.


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He claimed to have made a sensational manuscript find in a Lamaist monastery in Tibet. The monastery of Himis still exists, near Leh, the capital of Ladakh at the border between Tibet wielka kuchnia klasztorna India.

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Notovitch claimed to have been taken there after breaking his leg in an accident, and during his recovery to have discovered that the monks worshipped a prophet named Issa.

When they read their scrolls about this person to him, wielka kuchnia klasztorna realized that Issa was none other than Jesus.

The scrolls told that in his youth, Jesus had travelled to India and Tibet, years before he began his work in Palestine. He wielka kuchnia klasztorna met with Jainists, Brahmins and Buddhists, learned Pali and studied the holy scriptures of Buddhism.

Notovitch wrote down the text as it was read by the abbot and translated for him wielka kuchnia klasztorna an interpreter. According to Notovitch, the Tibetan scrolls were translations of Pali documents which the abbot claiimed were still kept at Lhasa.

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In fact, Pali is the language of southern Buddhism and has never been used in Tibet. Most Tibetan translations are from Sanskrit.


But criticism hit hard. Further, an English lady travelling in those parts of the world went to the Himis monastery and asked around.


He also remarked that he could not think of a punishment suitable for scum who invented such lies as Notovitch. The interview was witnessed and signed by Douglas, the abbot and the interpreter, and officially sealed by the abbot.

Notovitch tried for some time wielka kuchnia klasztorna defend his story with various dodges, but finally gave up and returned to being a war correspondent.

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Unlike most hoaxers, he had no ideological motives for the hoax, just wielka kuchnia klasztorna desire to create a sensation. His thin story would probably not have received much attention at all if it had not been published at the peak of wielka kuchnia klasztorna 19th century Indian romanticism, just after Queen Victoria had been crowned Empress of India.

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But successful lies have a tendency to wielka kuchnia klasztorna. Even more, the story has inspired other wielka kuchnia klasztorna to fantazise about Jesus travelling to the mysterious East.

Others with similar fantasies are the half-islamic Ahmadiyya sect who believe that Jesus survived the crucifixion and died of old age at Srinagar where he is also said to have been buried.

The story of Notovitch demonstrates the incredible survival power of lies that capture the popular imagination, and the powerlesness of science to eradicate belief in even the most absurd hoaxes.

Conclusive proof is apparently not enough. The Nineteenth Century, 36 July-December pp.

Wielka Kuchnia Klasztorna

He went as far as Scotland to see them, but when arrived there he was told that he wielka kuchnia klasztorna go further, to the Orchades, if he wished to see these miraculous geese. He seemed rather provoked at this, and, complaining that miracles would always flee further and further, he gave up his goose chase didicimus miracula semper remotius fugere.

Since his time, the number of countries in which miracles and mysteries could find a wielka kuchnia klasztorna hiding-place has been much reduced.