God + wink; coined by SQuire Rushnell, author of a series of books that include the phrase "When God winks" in the title. God wink (plural God winks). SQuire Rushnell teaches you how to use the power of “Godwinks”—divine coincidences—to seize certainty in uncertain times, and enrich your. A friendly online Gift Shop with items that enhance the joy of discovering Godwinks in your life.


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The traffic on that rural road was sparse, and every car passed me by.


Then, a green Volkswagen suddenly swerved to the side of the road. The door flung open.

When God Winks: How the Power of Coincidence Guides Your Life

A cheerful balding man beckoned me in, asking my destination. I was so grateful for the lift, I anxiously spewed out not only the destination but the purpose of my mission as well.

Of all the people who could have helped me get to where I was going when god winks day, in any one of the cars that came down that road, the one who stopped to take me to my first and most important interview for a television job was none other than my hero, Dean Harris.

For a young hitchhiker with nothing but a when god winks, that was a clear Godwink to boost my faith, just when I needed it. I wondered then and many times since just how such remarkable events could have occurred.

When God Winks eBook by SQuire Rushnell | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The mathematical odds of such happenings are colossal. In retrospect, the message of that uplifting experience was that such fortuitous events are not random. Instead they are clear signposts on the path of life, revealing that each of us is guided by a when god winks force toward our destiny.

That Godwink, at the genesis of my career, was indeed a small though powerful communication, telling me to keep my faith, to stay on my chosen course, and that everything would turn out just fine.

Oh yes, I got the job. What you can learn from my story When god winks hope this story will trigger your memory, helping you to start digging into forgotten Godwinks of your own personal history.

When God Winks | Book by SQuire Rushnell | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

To begin, when god winks about the major crossroads in your life that are related to your own career. Perhaps those stories could have been collected for a separate book about Godwinks and famous people.

The other is that there was a bit of redundancy. The author kept saying to reflect on your own life.


He didn't have to say that or could have said it just once. I have had many, many "Godwinks" in my life, but two really stand out. When god winks first happened when I was driving my son home from kindergarten.

When God Winks

Driving home, I actually passed our street! When I did it, it was the strangest thing. How on earth could I have passed my own street?! As I prepared to make when god winks u-turn, I noticed an elderly man walking on the opposite sidewalk.

When God Winks at You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence

As I turned I saw him trip when god winks fall, hitting his head! I quickly u-turned and pulled over, telling my son to wait while I helped this man.

He was on the ground when I approached him, looking dazed. I asked him if he was OK, and he kept asking me what happened.