Weathermatic's SmartLink Network introduces web-based irrigation management that's easy to install, easy to operate, and incredibly affordable. Weathermatic SmartLink Pilot Program Continues to WOW Our Customers! University of South Carolina Upstate in Spartanburg, NC installed SmartLink. Control your Weathermatic SmartLine landscape irrigation system from your Android device with the SmartLink Remote Control app. Need to run through your.


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weathermatic smartlink As a contractor I have the ability to show my clients how much water they are using per zone, and with the smart features that are linked to the system Flow Sensors we have the ability to know if there has been an increase in water flow or a decrease.

The Smart Weathermatic smartlink also has the ability to take that information and make decisions to shut a particular zone down, because it has registered that there has been a spike in water flow, weathermatic smartlink due to a broken pop up or a split line.

The Smart Link also gives weathermatic smartlink the ability to enter information into the system such as soil type, plant type, slope and sprinkler type.

It then uses this information to make informed decisions on how much water weathermatic smartlink required for that particular zone of irrigation.

Weathermatic Smartlink Aircard with Flow 1 Year Access

How Does SmartLink Work? Set up generally weathermatic smartlink less than 20 minutes. It sends me alerts and updates to my email.

I save thousands [of dollars] in gas, time and labor. Most of all, weathermatic smartlink clients are very happy with the savings.

Weathermatic Cellular Managment (Smart Irrigation)

I installed four SmartLink Aircards in under 20 minutes and was operational within 5 minutes of logging-on through SmartLink Network.

I immediately weathermatic smartlink down weathermatic smartlink mile of medians operating every controller via my Andorid Smart Phone. At that point, I was sold.

Dashboards provide quick indicators of controller issues and email alerts give you notifications of irrigation issues.

Bob's Irrigation Services — Weathermatic Cellular Managment (Smart Irrigation)

Automatic updates weathermatic smartlink you get the benefit of new features immediately as they are available at no extra cost. Incorporate a flow sensor and get high flow shut down, flow alerts and reports at a fraction of the cost of central weathermatic smartlink.


How Does SmartLink Work? Set up generally takes weathermatic smartlink than 20 minutes. It sends me alerts and updates to my email. I save thousands [of dollars] in gas, time and labor.


Most of all, my clients are very happy with the savings.