Jump to Wavefront aberrations - Methods utilizing wavefront measurements or predictions can Wavefront aberrations are usually described as either a  ‎Simple wavefronts and · ‎Wavefront sensor and · ‎References · ‎Further reading. 0. 1. 2. 3. Wavefront Aberration mm (right-left) m m. (s u p er io r- in fe rio r). 3 Dimensional View. 2 Dimensional View. Wavefront Aberration of a Surface. Peak-to-Valley and RMS Wavefront Aberration. Strehl Ratio. Chromatic Aberrations. Aberrations Introduced by Plane Parallel Plates. Aberrations of Simple Thin.


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Plane waves are converted to spherical waves with an ideal tube lens, converging on a point on the wavefront aberration field. Let every point on the wavefront be considered a new point source.

Higher-Order Wavefront Aberrations for Populations of Young Emmetropes and Myopes

By calculating the total effect from every point source, the resulting field at new points can be computed. Computational algorithms are often based on this approach. Specific cases for simple wavefront aberration can be computed directly.

wavefront aberration For example, a spherical wavefront will remain spherical as the energy of the wave is carried away equally in all directions.

Such directions of energy flow, wavefront aberration are always perpendicular to the wavefront, are called rays creating multiple wavefronts.

The light from this type of wave is referred to as collimated light. Additionally, meta-analyses and systematic reviews of previous studies have shown the considerable efficacy of wavefront aberration in controlling axial elongation in myopic children 24 — 27although the mechanism remains unknown.

Recently, we examined the influence of higher-order wavefront aberrations HOAs on axial elongation in myopic children treated with orthokeratology, and found a significant negative correlation between coma-like aberration and axial wavefront aberration This implies that asymmetric HOAs such as coma inhibit axial elongation.


Additionally, it has been reported that SCLs with positive spherical aberration might slow myopia progression Based on these findings, we believed that the effect of HOAs on myopia progression and axial elongation should be investigated over the natural course of childhood myopia.

However, little is known about this effect. We therefore conducted the current study to investigate the relationship between HOAs, myopia progression, and axial elongation in normal schoolchildren with mild to moderate myopia.

Data Analysis From the corneal heights, exported from the ATLAS system, wavefront aberrations for the anterior cornea were calculated wavefront aberration a customized MatLab ray-tracing program to derive Zernike aberration terms up wavefront aberration the 7th order 35 terms.


In order wavefront aberration describe the corneal aberrations with respect to the line of sight of the eye, as it is done for the whole-eye aberrations, a transformation of the coordinate center from the corneal vertex to the wavefront aberration center was performed with the customized program, using the pupil center measurements provided by the ATLAS system.

After the transformation, corneal height data over a 6. The single-index conversion was used to name the Zernike aberrations.

Wavefront - Wikipedia

Results Mean Higher-Order Zernike Aberrations for Emmetropes When both the right and the left eyes were accounted together, the resulting mean signed Zernike aberrations in the anterior cornea and the whole eye for 75 emmetropic subjects are as listed in table 2where wavefront aberration 3rd to 5th orders were included.

Significance wavefront aberration for multi-comparison was indicated with asterisks for the corresponding levels.


Table 2 Mean higher-order Zernike aberrations of the anterior cornea and of the whole eye over a 6.