It was the first of a tri- logy. Suvorov's second book, Den' M or M-Day was subtitled, Kogda nachalas' vtoraia mirovaya voina? (When Did the Second World War. Find great deals for M Day Book by Viktor Suvorov Ww2 WWII Soviet Red Army Germany Wehrmacht Vintage. Shop with confidence on eBay! “M-Day”—the mobilization—fell on June 13, , but the Suvorov,Viktor, The Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to StartWorldWar II.


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The title refers to the unlucky country that would be incorporated as the "final republic" into the globe-encompassing "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," thereby completing the world proletarian revolution.


As Suvorov explains, this plan was entirely consistent with Marxist-Leninist doctrine, as well as with Lenin's policies in the earlier years of the Soviet regime. The Russian historian argues convincingly that it viktor suvorov day m not Leon Trotsky Bronsteinbut rather Stalin, his less flamboyant rival, who was really the faithful disciple of Lenin in promoting world Communist revolution.

Trotsky insisted on his doctrine of "permanent revolution," whereby the young Soviet state would help foment home-grown workers' uprisings and revolution in the viktor suvorov day m countries.

M-Day (book) - Wikipedia

Stalin instead wanted the Soviet regime to take advantage of occasional "armistices" in the global struggle to consolidate Viktor suvorov day m military strength for the right moment when larger and better armed Soviet forces would strike into central and western Europe, adding new Soviet republics as this overwhelming force rolled across the continent.

After the successful consolidation and Sovietization of all of Europe, the expanded USSR would be poised to impose Soviet power over the entire viktor suvorov day m.

As Suvorov shows, Stalin realized quite well that, given a free choice, the people of the advanced Western countries would never voluntarily choose Communism. It would therefore have to be imposed by force.

His bold plan, Stalin further decided, could be realized only through a world war. A critical piece of evidence in this regard is his speech of August 19,recently uncovered in Soviet archives quoted in part in the Nov. In it, Lenin's heir states: Viktor suvorov day m experience of the last 20 years has shown that in peacetime the Communist movement is never strong enough to seize power.

The dictatorship of such a party will only become possible as the result of a major war Later on, all the countries who had accepted protection from resurgent Germany would also become our allies.

We shall have a wide field to develop the world revolution Furthermore, and as Soviet theoreticians had always insisted, Communism could never peacefully coexist over the viktor suvorov day m run with other socio-political systems.

The Day M: Stalin’s Mobilization to Attack Germany | Carolyn Yeager

Accordingly, Communist rule inevitably would have to be imposed throughout the world. So integral was this goal of "world revolution" to the nature and development of the "first workers' state" that it was a cardinal feature of the Soviet agenda even before Hitler and his National Socialist movement came to power in Germany in Stalin elected to viktor suvorov day m at a time and place of his choosing.


To this end, Soviet development of the most advanced offensive weapons systems, primarily tanks, aircraft, and airborne forces, had already begun in the early s. To ensure the success of his bold undertaking, in late Stalin ordered the build up a powerful war machine that would be superior in quantity and quality to all possible opposing forces.

His first secret order for the total military-industrial mobilization of the country was issued in August A second total mobilization order, this one viktor suvorov day m military mobilization, viktor suvorov day m be issued on the day the war was to begin.

Suvorov's 'The Last Republic' (Review)

Disappointment The German "Barbarossa" attack shattered Stalin's well-laid plan to "liberate" all of Europe. The Soviet premier could regard "merely" defeating Germany and conquering eastern viktor suvorov day m central Europe only as a disappointment.

According to Suvorov, Stalin revealed his disappointment over the war's outcome in several ways.