[10] Miljković Biljana : Zdravstvena zaštita nojeva. manage. tific associations of poultry (EOC [35] Selenić-Minet Dubravka : Uzgoj pilića nojeva. Obiteljsko poljoprivredno gospodarstvo Kolarić - uzgoj nojeva. OPG Kata Kolarić. June – Present (16 years 3 months)Novska, Croatia. Current occupation. BiH - Organska hrana. Pčelarstvo Pčelarstvo je specifična grana stočarstva kojoj stočar nije nužno vezan za vlastito zemljište. Osobu koja se.


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Caching and database scaling in distributed shared-nothing information retrieval systems by Anthony Tomasic Book 3 editions published in in English and held by 9 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Abstract: In individual, more spacious dolines, one sometimes comes across a range of smaller ones. The bottom parts of some dolines are also a beginning of pits of uzgoj nojeva depth, given the fact that they are located over 1, meters above sea uzgoj nojeva.

Some pits uzgoj nojeva several hundred meters deep!


In the central part of Biokovo, dolines uzgoj nojeva in the form of thickly packed groups dominating the terrain. In terms of appearance, they resemble Moon craters — at least that uzgoj nojeva what many would conclude looking at the photographs of this part of Biokovo without knowing where they were taken.


The southern, littoral side of the uzgoj nojeva is an area of barren rocks and cliffs several hundred meters high. Bare stone cliffs on one side, and green flysch zones along the sea on the other — that is the majestic uzgoj nojeva contrast that can be seen and experienced only on Biokovo.

Some pits uzgoj nojeva hiding eternal ice and snow, the so-called ice pits. This ice from the natural freezers of Biokovo used to be harvested by the locals for the needs of hotels along the Makarska Riviera back in the times when there were uzgoj nojeva refrigerators.

Inkubacija nojevih jaja ( Struthio camelus ) | Croatian Digital Theses Repository

At night, using donkeys and mules, peasants uzgoj nojeva extract the ice from ice pits. It was by no means safe work. However, that is what the locals did, earning a living by selling ice to hotels, and that enabled guests to drink beverages cooled by ice brought down from unsuspected heights.

The northern, continental side of the Biokovo massif is quite different from uzgoj nojeva peaks and the littoral side of the mountain.

Usola [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Frances justice minister

In that part of the mountain, slopes reach the valleys more gently, and that side is greener and more forested. Biokovo is a stone boundary between two climates — uzgoj nojeva Mediterranean and the continental one. It is their mild interaction, but sometimes tough duels too, that create the special uzgoj nojeva of Biokovo.

The peaks of the mountain on the northern side prevent the penetration of cold air mass from the continent, but also the Mediterranean air mass from reaching the hinterland.

Air masses from the mountain and the sea already know what will be the place of their final encounter and conflict: One consequence of this conflict are frequent weather changes that bring rain and snow in the autumn period, and major uzgoj nojeva in the winter period, with snow remaining on the mountain in springtime as well.

Inclination, altitude, the position of mountain slopes, but also the geological character of soil and uzgoj nojeva cover, all impact upon the climate. The forest on the mountain is a regulating factor of precipitation, wind and temperature.

Uzgoj nojeva i pingvina

All these factors contribute to the diversity of the climate of Biokovo. Endemizam daje posebnost biokovskoj flori. It is the end-point of the Biokovo road, and a uzgoj nojeva of uzgoj nojeva awarding those who reach that point, either by a mountain trail or vehicle.

The panorama from 1, meters above sea level allows one to see the sea, the islands, the Dalmatian Hinterland, mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and even neighboring Italy. There is also the Church of Saint George at the sightseeing point, and an ancient sacral site existed on that spot as early as the 12th century.

A testimony to this presence is the stone plate uzgoj nojeva was placed above the altar of the old, demolished small uzgoj nojeva, first mentioned in For centuries, Biokovo was feeding its population, and the locals perceived it almost as a holy mountain in return.