Industrial valves are built to handle high pressure, either from fluid or gas, and to last through years of use in harsh environments. The following. Many different types of manual valves are used in industrial applications worldwide. The following article will cover the general mechanism and function of the. Show all Industrial Valves Manufacturers . Below is a summary of the basic and most common types of valves, more information can be found by clicking the.


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Here are some of the types of valves and their functions. From escaping into the atmosphere, the EVAP system stops fuel vapors in the fuel tank. The EVAP system blocks fuel vapors from the gas container and momentarily types of industrial valves them in the grilling tube.

When the motor is running under certain circumstances, the fuel vapors are cleared from the tube and burnt off inside the motor. Types of industrial valves the role of the purge valve is to manage the quantity of fuel vapor that is cleared from the grilling tube.

Types of Industrial Valves - Applications, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Ball valves Using a ball shaped disk to types of industrial valves the flow, a types of industrial valves valve features a quarter-turn rotational motion valve. If the valve is started out, the gaps in the ball stay in line with the body inlet enabling the material to pass.

Gate valves are designed to be fully open or closed; they are regularly used as a block valve for isolating pipe systems. When a gate valve is open, there is no obstruction in the flow path resulting in very little friction loss.

Gate valves are used when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum restriction is desired.


These can be controlled by a hand-wheel, air powered diaphragm, electric motor, or a piston actuator. Globe valves regulate by types of industrial valves position of a movable disk or plug in relation with the stationary ring seat.

A globe valve may have ports that run straight across, or may be pointed at an types of industrial valves. This type of angled supply valve is commonly used for corrosive or thick, viscous fluids that tend to solidify.

Case Study: Benefits of Flash Steam Recovery System in a Pharmaceutical Plant

The major advantage of a globe valve is, it does not leak as much as other valves. Globe valves are composed of a baffle that splits the inside of the pipe, which is typically parallel types of industrial valves the pipe's length.

They are named types of industrial valves their spherical body shape with the two halves of the body being separated by an internal baffle. It consists of a movable disk-type element and a stationary ring seat in a generally spherical body.

Global valves are used primarily for throttling purposes.


They may be considered as general purpose flow control valves that are used for high-temperature applications. Ball Valves As the name types of industrial valves, ball valves are valves that use a ball to control types of industrial valves flow of substances from one opening to the next.

Ball valves are the ideal choice for using with gases as they are able to offer better sealing. They are easy to operate and repair as they contain a simple structure. They are designed with special measures that permit only a degree rotation which is required for the opening and closing of ball valves.

6 Types of Industrial Pipe Valves Explained | St. Louis Pipe & Supply | St. Louis Pipe & Supply

These valves are a notable industrial choice because of their reliable and air-tight sealing when in the closed position. This may cause leakage, abrasion, and other problems.

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Butterfly Valves Butterfly Valves are designed to regulate flow, but with limited control capability.