No! At least in the case of Treasure Island. Treasure Island was yet another classic book I missed as a kid, so I was pleasantly surprised to. Booktopia has Treasure Island, Abridged Classics by Robert Louis-Stevenson. Buy a discounted Hardcover of Treasure Island online from Australia's leading. All about Treasure Island [abridged - Classic Starts] by Chris Tait. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.


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But this edition seems to be an entire rewriting.

I do need to mention Stella loves the book. She was totally engrossed treasure island abridged it when I read it to her and did not seem to care about the poorly written voice or the bad pirate behavior.

Debbie Urbanski

In fact, when the book was somehow lost among the cacophony of books in her room, she became very upset, treasure island abridged likewise, when we found this unfortunate book again, she is insisting on putting it in our reading queue, after The Secret Garden and Wizard of Oz.

Still, Treasure island abridged found myself wondering, had I imagined the greatness of the original version? Is Treasure Island just another poorly written adventure novel?

So I went back to the original to compare. Abridged, introducing the Captain: Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like treasure island abridged book. Who knows how pirates actually spoke, but Stevenson takes a jump at it and the results are comic and wonderful.


Makes you feel like you're years old again. Robert Louis Stevenson developed the best recognized Characters in literature,the pace of the book is exciting and there isn't a movie,character or book that has not copied treasure island abridged unique description or built up the excitement of his story as well as he had done!

Treasure Island (abridged) by Robert Louis Stevenson | Scholastic

He finds a boat that Ben Gunn has told him he has hidden and treasure island abridged sails out to the Hispaniola and cuts its mooring ropes. He falls asleep in the boat exhausted.

In the morning he only just manages to escape from drowning as the sea has become very rough. Luckily he spots the drifting Hispaniola and manages to treasure island abridged her. There are only two pirates on board, one of whom has been killed in a drunken brawl by the other.


After a terrifying fight, Jim kills the last pirate and manages to steer the ship into a small cove. He then heads back to the stockade to rejoin his friends.

Nicely Abridged Books - Treasure Island

The stockade is now in the hands of long John Silver and his mates. Jim is captured and is given the choice to join them.

When he refuses treasure island abridged pirates want to kill him but Silver talks them out of it. Silver tells Jim that the Doctor has given him the map and also abandons the stockade in exchange for being allowed to go free. Treasure island abridged tells Jim that he is now on the side of the Doctor.

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At this point the pirates attempt to give Silver the black spot but withdraw it when he treasure island abridged that he has the map.

They agree to go and find the treasure the next day. I envied him his walk through the cool woods, and slipped out after him, though I knew I should not go.


I wanted to find where Ben Gunn's boat was hidden.