In his play The Crucible, playwright Arthur Miller employs a Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis. I've never seen the play or any odd the movies, but the book was really good. It centers around Abigail Williams and John Proctor. Abigail was one of the leaders. SUSANNA: Aye, sir, he have been searchin' his books since he left you, sir, but he bid me tell you, that you might look to unnatural things for the cause of it.


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The Crucible by Arthur Miller

He insists that "there are accounts of similar klatches in Europe, where the daughters of the towns would assemble at night and, sometimes with fetishes, sometimes with a selected young man, the crucible book themselves to love, with some bastardly results.

He really seems to believe that this went on. Then there's the main character: Can't imagine why I have a the crucible book time sympathizing with him.


Imagine you know a family with three young children. They hire an au pair.

The Crucible

The dad has an affair with this young woman -- hardly older than a girl, a virgin, completely inexperienced in life or love. Readers will come to understand that this dark chapter in American history could have been prevented if so many citizens hadn't been made hysterical by fear, and learn something very valuable about the importance of honesty and individual conscience.

In a valiant effort to save his wife, Elizabeth, and others from imprisonment or execution, the crucible book exposes his own sins in order to reveal The crucible book vengeful motivation for inciting the witch hunt.

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Violence Characters who are convicted of performing witchcraft are executed by hanging, and one character is crushed to death with stone weights. Because this is a play, executions are mentioned as taking place or potentially taking place, but are not described in graphic detail.

Sex John Proctor who is married to Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams had a sexual relationship before the action of the play begins, and though Proctor later rejects her, both characters remain tempted.

The crucible book Characters do not curse, but there are numerous mentions of the devil the crucible book Satan.

Abigail still the crucible book feelings for John and believes he does as well, but John says he does not. Abigail angrily mocks John for denying his true feelings for her. As they argue, Betty bolts upright and begins screaming. Parris runs back into the bedroom the crucible book various villagers arrive: The villagers, who had not heard the argument, assume that the singing of a psalm by the villagers in a room below had caused Betty's screaming.

Tensions between them soon emerge. Putnam is a bereaved parent seven times over; she blames witchcraft for her losses and Betty's ailment. Rebecca is rational and suggests a doctor be called instead. Putnam and Corey have been feuding over land ownership. Parris is unhappy with his salary and living conditions as minister, and accuses Proctor of heading a conspiracy to oust him from the church.


Abigail, standing quietly in a corner, witnesses all of this. Reverend Hale arrives and begins his investigation.


Before leaving, Giles fatefully remarks that he has noticed his wife reading unknown books and asks Hale to look into it. Parris, Abigail and Tituba closely over the girls' activities in the woods.

As the facts emerge, Abigail claims Tituba forced her to drink blood. Tituba counters that The crucible book begged her to conjure a deadly curse.