Java was originally a programming language invented by Sun Microsystems (Sun was acquired by Oracle in January ). Since Java's. Java is a high-level programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in Java runs on a variety of platforms, such as. Tutorials and reference guides for the Java Programming Language.


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Java SE Documentation - Tutorials

Java is fast The earlier versions of Java were criticized for being slow. However, things are completely different now. The new JVMs are significantly faster. Now, Java is one of the sun java tutorial programming languages. Java is secure The Java platform provides various features for security of Java applications.

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Some of the high-level features that Java handles are: The Java environment has hundreds of classes and methods under different packages to help software developers like us. Applications of Java Java technology is everywhere, powering 3 billion devices worldwide. sun java tutorial

It's more than likely that you have used Java one way or the other. Here are some of the applications of Java.

Download The Java Tutorial

Some of the popular web applications sun java tutorial in Java are: It's important to note that, these sites may not be entirely written in Java, and may use other programming languages along with Java. To use Sun java tutorial, you need to understand Java programming. Besides these applications, Java is also used for game development, scientific applications like natural language processingand many others.

You will hear a lot of new terms which can be overwhelming for a newbie.

So, we have decided to explain a few terms that you are likely to hear in the world of Java programming language. Note, this is not the complete list of Java Glossary.


Instead, it's the list of terms you should know before you start learning Java programming. Java - Java is a set of technologies sun java tutorial language and computing platform for creating and running software.

Learn Java (Introduction and Tutorials to Java Programming)

However, Java is often used to refer Java programming language for simplicity. Java programming language - A powerful, general-purpose, platform-independent, object-oriented programming language.

Java 8 - Java 8 is the latest sun java tutorial release for Java. Our Java tutorial will include all major features of Java 8. Java EE is targeted for applications which run on servers.

Java ME is targeted for resource limited devices like: And, Java SE is the basic Java environment used for creating standard programs.