The condition is referred to as erotomania in contemporary classification systems and is classified as a delusional disorder in DSM-IV, DSM-5 and ICD De Clérambault described the syndrome in as 'psychose passionnelle'. The diagnosis of primary erotomanic delusions Missing: sindrome ‎| ‎Must include: ‎sindrome. Erotomania is listed in the DSM 5 as a subtype of a delusional disorder. It is a relatively Primary erotomania is also commonly referred to as de Clerambault's  ‎Presentation · ‎Prognosis and Treatment · ‎History · ‎Well-known cases. De Clérambault's Syndrome or Erotomania was originally described as a delusional disorder Síndrome de De Clèrambault: uma revisão bibliográfica The De.


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Typically, patients are unaware of the psychiatric nature of the condition.

Erotomania - Wikipedia

They take great pride in this. This type of delusional disorder may lead to stalking or other potentially threatening and dangerous behaviour.


The patient may sindrome de clerambault to pester the subject and may develop sindrome de clerambault of persecution following the delusions of passion. They may also be violent against those they believe stand in the way of their delusional love.

A thorough psychiatric evaluation is essential in diagnosis and assessment of possible comorbidity. Associated diseases Erotomania may be primary no associated psychiatric problem but is often associated with other psychiatric illness secondary such as paranoid schizophreniaschizo-affective disorder, major depressionbipolar disorder or Alzheimer's disease.

Sigmund Freud explained erotomania as a defense mechanism to ward off homosexual impulses which can lead sindrome de clerambault strong feelings of paranoia, denial, displacement and projection.


Similarly, it has been explained as a way to cope with severe loneliness or ego deficit following a major loss. Treatment for this disorder gains the best sindrome de clerambault when tailored specifically for each individual.

To date, the mainline pharmacological treatments have been pimozide a typical antipsychotic which was also approved for treating Tourette's Syndrome[3] [4] and atypical anti-psychotics like risperidone and clozapine.

Psychosocial psychiatric interventions can enhance the quality of life through allowing some social functioning, and treating comorbid disorders sindrome de clerambault a priority for secondary erotomania.

De Clerambault Syndrome (Erotomania): A Review and Case Presentation

In most cases, harsh confrontation should be avoided. Parisian physician, Bartholomy Pardoux covered the topics of nymphomania and erotomania. In andM.

Seeman referred to the disorder as "phantom lover syndrome" and "psychotic erotic transference reaction and delusional loving". Patients with this sindrome de clerambault may be diagnosed as having paranoid vera or other forms of paranoid disorder, or as paranoid schizophrenic.

In light of the overwhelming nature of the delusional process affecting this patient's total life experience with marked delusions of persecution, grandeur, jealously, and self-depreciation as well as ideas of reference illusionsand agitated and sometimes bizarre behavior, it seems quite appropriate that her diagnosis may be termed schizophrenic reaction, paranoid type.

The literature is surveyed sindrome de clerambault depth and the case is presented in sequential detail.

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