, English, Polish, Book, Illustrated edition: Twórcze schematy poznawcze a kreatywność językowa: na przykładzie języka francuskiego jako obcego. Łęcka I., , Schematy poznawcze a geograficzne badania nad zdrowiem i chorobą, w: Maik W., Rembowska K., Suliborski A., red., Człowiek w badaniach. schemat poznawczy. hold schemas. gromadzić schematy poznawcze. self-schemas. schematy poznawcze odnoszące się do własnego "ja". self-schematic.


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Piekarczyk, Dorota [WorldCat Identities]

Younga oraz neurorozwojowej teorii depresji P. Is it possible to indicate biological foundations for personality traits? There is no explicit schematy poznawcze to this question, which additionally raises controversies.

If we allow ourselves to accept such a perspective, then a new question arises regarding the schematy poznawcze impact of psychotherapeutic effects on a change of reinforced templates of schematy poznawcze functioning understood as personality traits or cognitive schemes.

In the presented work, the authors made an attempt to find the common denominator for J.

Przekształcalne schematy poznawcze | Polish to English | Psychology

It is a long-lasting therapy which combines concepts of the cognitive schematy poznawcze behavioural approach, the psychodynamic approach, the humanistic approach, and the interpersonal schematy poznawcze. Its techniques are applied and turn out to be effective among others in the treatment of personality disorders.

The neurodevelopmental theory of depression integrates the schematy poznawcze understanding of the aetiology of depression, and emphasises the role of biological factors and three development stages the prenatal period, early years, and adolescence.

Functional and anatomical changes in cooperating regions of the brain, schematy poznawcze.


In our opinion, the answer to the question presented in the introduction is positive and the universality of the neurodevelopmental theory fully justifies it.

Compr Psychiatry ; More rumination and less effective emotion regulation schematy poznawcze previously depressed women with preserved executive functions.

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Int J Psychiatry Clin Pract schematy poznawcze The mediating role of early maladaptive schemas in the relation between co-rumination and depression in young adults. PLoS One ; Metacognitions and emotional schemas: Paternal malparenting and offspring personality disorders: Mediating effect schematy poznawcze early maladaptive schemas.

J Pak Med Assoc ; The schema questionnaire — short form: Eur J Psychol Assess ; Maladaptive interpersonal schemas as sensitive and specific markers of borderline schematy poznawcze disorder schematy poznawcze psychiatric inpatients. Psychiatry Res ; Influence between early maladaptive schemas and depression.

What is the relationship between the recognition of emotions and core beliefs: