16 Troubleshooting wireless Internet connectivity issues. Connecting Video . Connect the Samsung Smart Remote to your TV to operate the TV. When you turn. Smart Control Users Manual_ details for FCC ID A3LRMCSPK1AP2 made by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Document Includes User Manual Users Manual_. Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your LED Smart TV (J52xx Series) from Samsung US.


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The majority of users own a D-Series or higher TV. To know which TV model you have, read here. If your TV is not compatible, samsung smart tv manual note this is not a limitation of myTifi, but a limited feature set of your Samsung TV.

Read the model from the TV menu. Do the following with the original infrared remote: Switch on your Samsung TV.


Press the button Menu on your remote. Press the button Enter. The name after it, is your TV model. UE37D, which is a D-Series. Although this seems obvious, occasionally an iOS device might connect to another known network e.

How to access the E-manual in Samsung Smart TV? | Samsung Support Gulf

Switch on your TV and make sure it is connected with your Router. Detailed instruction videos on how to do this wireless or wired can be found here.

  • LED Smart TV (J52xx Series) | Owner Information & Support | Samsung US
  • How to access the E-manual in Samsung Smart TV? | Samsung Support Gulf
  • How to access the E-manual in Samsung Smart TV?
  • What is e-Manual and how do I use it?
  • TV Samsung 55″ ES6800 Series 6 SMART 3D Full HD Manual download

Connect your device via Wifi with the same network your TV is connected to. It will search for your TV automatically, this can take up until 5 seconds. Tap a TV to establish the connection.

If your TV is found for the first time, a confirmation window is shown on your Samsung smart tv manual. In case it requests confirmation each time read here.

- Sento Smart TV Keyboard for Samsung

Approve myTifi on your TV. This has to be done only once, your TV will store myTifi as an approved remote device. Now you can remote control your TV with myTifi. More info on using multiple TVs. Continue to the trouble-shooting section in case no device could be foundor a non-supported device is found.

Enter the PIN code in samsung smart tv manual. This might take up to 30 seconds.

Samsung SMART TV E-manual

Supported TVs have an option to receive remote control signals over the network, which is enabled by default. You can verify that this option is enabled.

If your TV is found for the first time, a confirmation window is shown on your TV: If your device shows the following message, you did deny it instead of approve. See the trouble-shooting section to approve it manually.

Where do I find the e-manual on my TV?

For B-Series it is samsung smart tv manual to: Even if the described approach is not very dangerous because the TV resets to its initial state after a restart, iMKapps is not responsible for any damages on your TV. Do it on your own risk. Follow these steps to install and run it, before starting myTifi: Some users reported that there was no Games section.