The standards and guidelines in this revision of this manual shall apply to new Minimum Site Grounding (Earthing) Requirements. NST - Site Installation Practices Workshop (R56 New Standards) List the purposes of grounding and evaluate their importance in terms of personal safety. Design Requirements for Grounding Electrode Systems. This manual is an update of Motorola's previous version of its R56 manual released in.


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There are many different r56 grounding standard in the industry that may apply to your industry, unfortunately none are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

In recording rooms, 60Hz hum is a big concern, and proper grounding is the answer.

Motorola R56 and ATIS Grounding Standards

To solve these problems it often requires a low resistance grounding electrode, and an isolated noise-free ground path. The trick of course is r56 grounding standard to install these systems in existing buildings while keeping costs down.


The truth is, no r56 grounding standard has the time to dig through all these standards and figure them all out. It would literarily take weeks, and would probably only result in a no-bid. Here is what we recommend r56 grounding standard do for a simple specification standard for your installations: R56 ensures your company takes a broad look at everything required: Fire hazards, electrical services and foundational monitoring, not to mention concrete foundations are taken into consideration with any R56 planned project.

Other issues often overlooked during the planning stage but covered by R56 are: Having any of those important items in r56 grounding standard wrong place not only causes huge headaches, but will also drain your budget as well.

RF Engineering - The RadioReference Wiki

When it comes to planning, implementing and r56 grounding standard R56, its best to let the experts give you a hand. The purpose of contact was to determine if Motorola would be modifying their electrical resistance range for acceptable static control carpet in the near future.

The published range since has been 1. There is currently a new draft of R56 in the works.

RF Engineering

As with other grounding and electrical standards organizations like ATIS and FAA e, we were told that Motorola's acceptable resistance range will remain in the static dissipative range from 1. Below is an excerpt of the flooring section as it will appear in the new draft: Existing flooring that r56 grounding standard not meet this r56 grounding standard should be treated with a topical solution such as an antistatic floor wax or spray solution.


r56 grounding standard The effectiveness of antistatic solutions is temporary and varies with floor material and relative humidity. Flooring resistance should be monitored every two weeks minimum to verify conformance to the above requirements.

When ESD protective flooring is used, the following should be observed: ESD protective flooring shall be installed per the manufacturer's recommendations.