Editing teams of any size can benefit from the shared storage post production workflow solutions that Small Tree has to offer. 10 Stages of Post-Production, from Data Storage to Deliverables and mastering, to get a clearer idea of what a typical workflow looks like for. Mastering post-production workflow can be a lifesaver for any project.


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Organization - organizing the media on your computer to prepare for editing 3. Importing - importing your footage into the editing software of your choice 4. Editing - editing the video to picture post production workflow 5.


Color Grading - optimizing your colored footage for quick integration back into editing software 6. Special Effects - optimizing your modified footage for quick integration back into editing software 7.

Also post production workflow that this article post production workflow only explore the post workflow for video, with audio being a separate topic. Media Ingestion and Management Our file system for TIME The most important aspect to having a good workflow is having an easy to understand, readily searchable, and concise file system for your footage and other media files.

Post Production Workflows

When importing your media from your post production workflow, recording devices, etc. Our most recent music video was called TIMEwhich consisted of post production workflow 1. For this project, my folder for the project was called TIME, in all caps. Organization Having an organization system in place will lead to faster access of materials while working on a project.

Most operating systems now have no problem with long names, and this allows for quick searches later.

Post-production Workflow - Untamed Science

We encourage everyone to stay away from shorthand naming, because it confuses others that look at your footage. Edit a Rough Build One of the most useful, quick edits, you can make is to take your raw footage and piece it together in a timeline before leaving the physical location of your shoot.

Take the post production workflow of the interviews you remembered that were amazing, or the hosted sections that turned out best, and drop them into a rough build. This just gives you more control. Our brains have somewhat post production workflow memories for remembering what shot was the best even a few weeks after the shoot!

10 Stages of Post-Production, from Data Storage to Deliverables

Add Music tracks Post production workflow music as early as possible helps unify the look and feel of the piece as it is edited. Many editors will argue that you should edit a piece without music first, post production workflow only add the music in at the very end.

This advice usually comes from editors who have backgrounds in narrative filmmaking. In this case, they would be right.

Post Production Workflows

However, in science and natural history programming, unlike fiction filmmaking, most scenes are built by the mood — post production workflow combination of the music and the visuals. By choosing a rough music track early on, you can edit the piece to work with the musical selection.

It only helps the end product. However, Sudhakaran's video and infographic lay out a great post post production workflow for those who may not know exactly how the post production workflow process works, or all of what it entails.

To learn more, head on over to wolfcrow where Sudhakaran has provided links for additional study in his blog post.