Political Science. The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace. English, Hardcover, A.S. Dulat,Aditya Sinha,Asad Durrani. ★ The Billionaire Raj. English, Hardcover, James Crabtree. ★ (17) Long Walk To Freedom. English, Paperback, Nelson Mandela. ★ Indian Government And Politics. Jawahar Book Centre - Seller and distributor of books about political science, good principles of political science by kapur, political science books from india. Political Science optional gained popularity when Tina Dabi secured All India Rank 1 in UPSC CSE What are the books to study Political Science?


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UPSC MAINS Political Science Books, IAS MAINS Political Science Books | UPSC MAGIC

Thachil argues for private provisioning of political science books india goods help win votes. Thachil makes a strong case against theorisation in the global south in general but India is particular about distributive strategies amongst poor voters being automatically assumed as necessarily clientelistic.


MilanV's book says embracing candidates with criminal antecedents is a self-interested calculation by voters. I have read this book and highly recommend it.

Political Science Books

Adam Ziegfeld studies regional parties in India. For him, India is a clientelistic democracy, therefore for voters, a party which offers the best possibility of goods and services wins.


In Kerala, TN social solidarity built upon collective identities promoted a politics of the common good compared to Raj. Do coalition governments produce coherent economic development?

Also, SC politicians elected from reserved constituencies act like any other politician -a case hence of group integration but not group representation. Paylee Indian Constitution 2. D Basu An introduction to Indian constitution 3.

Political Science Optional Paper: Books to read for Civil Services Main Exam - Clear IAS

Shukla Constitution of India, couple of chapters are really relevant 4. Kapoor Comparative Governments 5. Varma Indian political theory 6.

Bombwal Comparative constitutions 7. Bipin Chandra Freedom struggle 8.

Political Science Books - Buy Political Science Books Online at Best Prices |

Simit Sarkar Modern India 9. It also discusses various issues pertaining to the working of the Constitution.

Besides, it critically overviews the government interventions in the socio-economic development processes in the country that are part of the welfare state, with the concomitant growing participation of civil society in governance processes.

Comprehensive in scope but precise and systematic in presentation and easy to understand, the book is primarily designed for the UPSC Civil Services aspirants—not only for the General Studies paper, but also for certain optionals that require a thorough understanding of Indian polity.

It is political science books india to be of use to candidates of other competitive examinations as well as those who seek information on the Indian political system and related issues of current importance. Also of significance is the inclusion of important legislations and political science books india verdicts relevant to understanding the evolving interpretation of the Constitution and practices of governance.