Paradigms lost by John L. Casti; 3 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Miscellanea, Science, Protected DAISY, In library. Paradigms lost tackling the unanswered mysteries of modern science: John L. Casti, New York, William Morrow, , bound. New York, Avon Books, Paradigms Lost has ratings and 11 reviews. In a masterful "trial by reason," author John L. Casti presents all sides of the most important and vital scientific.


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Paradigms Lost. Tackling the Unanswered Mysteries of Modern Science

Areas on the cutting edge of scientific research tend to generate controversy for several reasons. Experiments have not yet definitively ruled out possibilities, so that people are free to theorise.


The disagreements are really philosophical and political since they often determine the allocation of funding for research rather than scientific.

Personalities become involved, and frequently toes are trodden on in other paradigms lost john casti - which compu Originally published on my blog here in August Personalities become involved, and frequently toes are trodden on in other disciplines - which computer programmer, for example, would paradigms lost john casti to be told by a psychologist whether or not his work might ever produce a computer that can be called intelligent?

Casti chooses six example controversies, all of which have something to do with the uniqueness of human beings - the origin of life on earth, the "nature vs nurture" debate, the origin of the human capacity for language, artificial intelligence, the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, and the role of the observer in quantum mechanics.

The selection is completed by an introductory chapter on scientific method needed to help explain why some paradigms lost john casti are non-scientific later. Casti explains the issues involved and the arguments used for and against the main points of view reasonably paradigms lost john casti the most difficult sections being some of the quantum mechanical descriptions for the non-scientist.

It is perhaps a bok aimed more at someone who has read some popular science before rather than someone completely new to the ideas, because it is about more philosophical issues than many books on these subjects.

It also doesn't portray science as monolithic and complete, as there is a tendency to do. Casti isn't afraid to speak his mind, and can be quite scathing, particularly about arguments which paradigms lost john casti nothing to do with science, such as some of the more obviously politically motivated attacks on the work of Noam Chomsky.

Paradigms Lost - John L. Casti - Google книги

At the end of each chapter, he says what his own views on the paradigms lost john casti are, and why, and is unfailingly interesting. The book concludes with an excellent "Further Reading" section, the utility of which is only slightly diminished by the age of the book, which is just beginning to seem a little out of date in places.


I must paradigms lost john casti out for Casti's more recent work! It is a beautifully-written tour of how science has found our place in the world. By turns witty and erudite, Casti has an uncommon grasp of the whole range of scientific endeavour and the issues that make up the transition between science and philosophy.

Paradigms lost | Open Library

It will save time if I start with the list of things I didn't like about this book, as it turned out to be a short list. It's basically one ite I can't understand why this book is out of print - I assume paradigms lost john casti it is as I had to order a used copy.


It's basically one item, in fact: Casti presents the whole paradigms lost john casti as a series of court cases, with the "prosecution" presenting the case that science has seized some aspect of our place in the Universe and the "defence" claiming like a bunch of besuited reprobates that the mystery remains.

Harmless enough, perhaps, but there is a lamentable tendency in today's on-line discourse to confuse science with adversarial debate and claim that "both sides" should be heard. How one can assign two "sides" to the value of the fine-structure constant or the role of feedbacks in climate is beyond me, but the trend in debate is undeniable.

Casti wrote before the world of blogs and chat groups had really come into being and can't be held responsible for not foreseeing the rise of science-denial, but to those of us who are paradigms lost john casti it looks a bit irresponsible in retrospect to reinforce this confusion.

Paradigms Lost: Tackling the Unanswered Mysteries of Modern Science by John L. Casti

Paradigms lost john casti, the book is a tour de force. Not taking instruction well and already being familiar with the broad sweep of the philosophy of science, I ignored Casti's advice and read the entire book from beginning to end in one, long session.

That said, the book is actually arranged so that any particular chapter can be read independently of the others and the early section on what science "is" paradigms lost john casti be left out altogether. This is what Casti suggests.