Myners Report Institutional Investment in the UK: A Review (the Myners Report) was a report to HM Treasury in March on institutional investors. Institutional Investment in the UK: A Review (the Myners Report) was a report to HM Treasury in March on institutional investors. It was delivered by Paul. 6 March Institutional The review suggested an independent report . In this way, the review believes that annual reporting by all pension funds to their.


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Myners Report - Wikipedia

The survey said the numbers underpinned a general sense of concern within UK funds over the complexity of myners report 2001 legislation. The proposed closure of DB schemes raised hackles amongst trade unions and employee organisation - and it was not the only issue to do so.


A ruling by the House of Lords in April that electricity supply company, National Grid, could use its pension fund surplus to pay for redundancies through enhanced early retirement, also called into question the relationship between the corporate sponsor and its pensions obligations.

The decision is likely to be challenged in the European courts. However, the most significant recent event for the UK pensions industry was the March publication of the Myners Report on institutional myners report 2001.

Nonetheless, the wide-ranging review initiated myners report 2001 the government appeared to be a slow burner — welcomed at first, then challenged later as its full potential implications became apparent.

Myners Principles - Barker Tatham

Amongst other findings, Myners called for an enhanced voluntary code of practice for pension fund trustees — with the threat of myners report 2001 regulation to come. Trustees were expected not to take legal advice on interpretation of fine details, but rather to seek investment advice to ensure they kept to the myners report 2001 of the principles.

Pension schemes were encouraged to adopt the principles as best practice, or to explain why an alternative approach has been taken, and are expected to publicly disclose their adherence or otherwise.

They were written very much with large schemes in mind.


In particular, it agreed that the Principles would be more effective if Government and industry developed more flexible and high-level voluntary principles, rather than myners report 2001 how pension funds should manage specific aspects of their business.

They also set up an independent Investment Governance Group under the chairmanship of The Pensions Regulator, to enable the pensions community to take responsibility for the content and implementation myners report 2001 the principles and associated guidance and best practice.

Myners report: the key points

The new Myners Principles for defined benefit schemes Principle 1: Effective decision-making Trustees should ensure that decisions are taken by persons or organisations with the skills, knowledge, advice and resources necessary myners report 2001 take them effectively and monitor their implementation.

Trustees should have sufficient expertise to be able to evaluate and challenge the advice they receive, and manage conflicts of interest.

Risk and liabilities In setting and reviewing their investment strategy, trustees should take myners report 2001 of the form and structure of liabilities. These include the strength of the sponsor covenant, the risk of sponsor default and longevity risk.


Performance assessment Trustees should arrange for the formal measurement of the performance of the investments, investment managers and advisers. Trustees should also periodically myners report 2001 a formal policy assessment of their own effectiveness as a decision-making body and report on this to scheme members.

Responsible ownership Policies regarding responsible ownership are disclosed to scheme members in the annual report and Statement of Investment Principles.

myners report 2001

Myners report is forcing the market to think again | Magazine | IPE

Trustees should report periodically to members on the discharge of such responsibilities. Transparency and reporting Trustees should act in a transparent manner, communicating with stakeholders on issues relating to their management of investment, its governance and risks, including performance against stated objectives.

Trustees should provide regular communication myners report 2001 members in the myners report 2001 they consider most appropriate. The new Myners Principles for defined contribution schemes These were published in November Clear roles and responsibilities Roles and responsibilities in relation to investment decision making and governance are clearly defined and communicated to interested parties.

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Effective decision making Decisions relating to investment governance are taken on a fully informed basis and the investment governance processes are sound. Appropriate investment options The investment options provided take account of a range of member risk profiles and needs and are myners report 2001 appropriately.