Items 1 - 29 of 29 - Story of Premchand. You can read more about Story on Rekhta's Story page. It is an interesting form of ONLINE URDU LEARNING. image Lottery is a Classic Urdu Afsana written by famous writer Munshi Urdu Romantic Novels, Novelettes, Short Stories for Online Reading and Download by famous Urdu writer Munshi Premchand about a poor school teacher. Read Munshi Prem Chand Afsana / Short Story Nejat in Urdu written by Munshi Prem Chand Urdu writer from Urdu World and get more and.


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Munshi Premchand: Biography, Short Stories, Novels, Books and Photo

Munshi Premchand Biography of Munshi Premchand Munshi Premchand, a Hindustani literature Upanyas Samrat munshi premchand stories in urdu Indian writer novel writer, story writer and dramatistwas born in the year at 31st of July in the Lamhi village near Varanasi. He is the famous writer of the early 20th century.

He got died at 8th of October in by serving the people with his great writings. He wrote his all writings with his pen name. Finally his name becomes changed to the Munshi Premchand. His first munshi premchand stories in urdu Munshi is an honorary prefix given by his lovers in the society because of his quality and effective writings.

As a Hindi writer he wrote approximately dozen novels, short stories, numerous essays and translations munshi premchand stories in urdu translated a number of foreign literary works into the Hindi language. His Early Life After his birth he had grown in the Lamhi village in a big family.

He was the 4th child of his father named Ajaib Lal a post office clerk and his mother named Anandi Devi a housewife from Karauni village.

Munshi Premchand

He was also nicknamed by his uncle named Mahabir as a Nawab which means Prince which Nawab Rai he had chosen as the first pen name by him while writing.

He had started his early education at his 7 at a madarsa in the Lalpur village around 2 and half km away from Munshi premchand stories in urdu where he learned the Urdu and Persian languages by the maulvi. He lost his mother at his 8 because of the persistent illness and later his grandmother as well.


He felt alone munshi premchand stories in urdu his father got re-married with his step mother who later became his recurring theme in munshi premchand stories in urdu works. He took admission at a missionary school where he learnt English and read the George W. He was in Gorakhpur when he wrote his first literary writing.

He always believed to write about the social realism in his Hindi literature and discuss the status of a woman in the society.

He was studying in the 9th standard when he got married at his 15 in the year The match was arranged by his maternal step-grandfather. His studies became discontinued after the death of his father in the year because of the long illness.

URDU ADAB: Urdu Short Stories by Munshi Prem Chand

He had started teaching tuition to the son of Banarasi advocate at 5 rupee monthly. Later he got the job of a teacher at munshi premchand stories in urdu rupee monthly by the help of the missionary school headmaster in Chunar. Around 3 years later he posted to the District School in Pratapgarh. Career Later he moved munshi premchand stories in urdu the Allahabad from Pratapgarh for the training purpose and afterward posted to Kanpur in the year where he met with the editor of the magazine Zamana named Daya Narain Nigam where he published his several articles and stories in the later years.

Because of the quarrels of his wife and step-mother, he was unhappy. His wife had tried committed suicide as he scolded her too much and became failed.

He got married to the child widow named Shivarani Devi in the year and became the father of two sons named Sripat Rai and Amrit Munshi premchand stories in urdu. After his second marriage he faced several social oppositions. In the same year he published his second short novel named Hamkhurma-o-Hamsavab.

Around copies of Soz-e-Watan were burnt in a raid of British collector. He had started writing in Hindi from The first Hindi writing Saut was published in the Saraswati magazine in the month of December in and Sapta Saroj in the month munshi premchand stories in urdu June in At the Gorakhpur, he translated many books to Hindi.

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