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In March ofwe visited our last major Caribbean island, Hispaniola, nearing the end of our 9-year quest to muniz and mannikins all the Caribbean island endemics and specialties. In we started with Grand Bahama, followed by Puerto RicoJamaica andCubaand muniz and mannikins islands of the Lesser Antilles Certainly we will now be focusing on travel to regions where far more new birds await us, and it may be some years before muniz and mannikins re-visit the West Indies.

That having been said, it should be emphasized that the West Indies hold some unique and beautiful birds, and that as major tourist destinations there are many available options for birders to visit these lovely islands.

DUPUY Genealogy

Even a cruise or a casual muniz and mannikins with a non-birding companion can yield some of the endemic birds and start one on a quest to see them ALL! A short, four or muniz and mannikins trip to some islands such as Jamaica can yield a good majority of the endemics and specialties, providing for a seasoned USA birder more new species than a trip of equal length in the United States.

However, muniz and mannikins Caribbean Islands, because of their size or distance between birding sites, require more logistical support. In the Dominican Republic, we opted to hire a local birding guide, Kate Wallace see below for contact informationto help us deal with travel arrangements and for her invaluable muniz and mannikins knowledge of where to find many of the more elusive species.

There are also several impending, probable splits, including the Hispaniola White-winged Crossbill and the Hispaniola Greater Antillean Nightjar.

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Muniz and mannikins, the status of one species, the Golden Swallow, is uncertain in Jamaica. In the species list below, we have included all recent and pending splits.

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We had a bite to eat American Airlines no longer feeds you lunch on the plane! At dusk, we visited the famous parakeet roost at the Hotel Embajador, astonished at muniz and mannikins hundreds of birds gathered here! I am not sure that the next few days were too good for break-in of this absolutely brand-new vehicle!

Kate met us at 6: No birding en route, but we did stop just east of Duverge to enjoy close looks at a tree full of woodpeckers. We also had two Black-cowled Orioles here, one of our muniz and mannikins sightings of this species in DR.

After an excellent field lunch, we muniz and mannikins the Rabo de Gato trail, adding a number of endemics.

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The encounter was made more confusing by an excited pair of Muniz and mannikins also thrashing about in the dense undergrowth — every time we got our bins on a bird, it was a L-C. We stopped at a colmado for additional supplies and then drove to Barahona and checked into the Hotel Guaracuyo.

This is a very nice hotel right on the beach, good restaurant, suffers somewhat from dicey plumbing I opted for cold showers as the hot-water muniz and mannikins wiring appeared semi-lethal!


After a fine supper muniz and mannikins local fish, we went out to look for Ashy-faced owl near-by. No luck with the owl, but we had good looks at a Jamaican Potoo which came in to the tape.

Barry drove and apparently set the land-speed record for the trip. We reached La Placa at 4: However, none were very responsive to the tape, we just muniz and mannikins one brief fly-by.