The Analects (Lun Yu) .. Confucius replied, "Advance the upright and set aside the crooked, then the people will submit. . Confucius said, "Alas! will you say. The Lun Yu, also known as the Analects of Confucius, is an ancient Chinese classic book that recorded the teachings of Confucius. There are a total of 20 books. Lun Yu Table of content – The Analects of Confucius. The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau.


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His personal interpretation of the Lunyu was guided by his belief that Daoism and Confucianism complemented each other, so that by studying both in a correct manner a scholar could arrive at a single, unified truth. Arguing for the ultimate compatibility lun yu confucio Daoist and Lun yu confucio teachings, he argued that "Laozi [in fact] was in agreement with the Sage" sic.


It is the lun yu confucio complete commentary on the Analects that still exists. Zhu Xi's work also brought together the commentaries of earlier scholars mostly from the Lun yu confucio dynastyalong with his own interpretations. Zhu's work took part in the context of a period of renewed interest in Confucian studies, in which Chinese scholars were interested in producing a single "correct" intellectual orthodoxy that would "save" Chinese traditions and protect them from foreign influences, and in which scholars were increasingly interested in metaphysical speculation.

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Zhu attempted to give an added coherence and unity to the message of the Analects, demonstrating that the individual books of the Confucian canon gave meaning to the whole, just as the whole of the canon gave meaning lun yu confucio its parts.

In his preface, Lun yu confucio Xi stated, "[T]he Analects and the Mencius are the most important works for students pursuing the Way [ In the fourteenth century, the Chinese government endorsed Zhu's commentary, and until it was read and memorized along with the Analects by all Chinese aspiring to literacy and employment as government officials.

The principal biography available to historians is included in Sima Qian 's Shijibut, because the Shiji contains a large amount of possibly legendary material not confirmed by extant sources, the biographical material on Confucius found in the Analects makes the Analects lun yu confucio the most reliable source of biographical information about Confucius.

Instead lun yu confucio beings should base their values and social ideals on moral philosophy, tradition, and a natural love for others. Confucius's social philosophy largely depended on the cultivation of ren by every individual in a community.

Confucius instead used the term ren to describe an extremely general and all-encompassing state of virtue, one which no living person had attained completely. This use of the term ren is peculiar to the Analects.

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According to Confucius, a person with a well-cultivated sense of ren would speak carefully and modestly Lun yu confucio Confucius recognized his followers' disappointment that he would not give them lun yu confucio more comprehensive definition of ren, but assured them that he was sharing all that he could Analects 7.

Confucius said that those who had cultivated ren could be distinguished by their being "simple in manner and slow of speech.


Confucius said that one's understanding of li should inform everything that one says and does Analects This is maybe the first human scripture giving someone's detailed and realistic portrait.

His father was a soldier of reputation and governor of Tsow, but not a man of wealth. Confucius married at nineteen, and in his early manhood held a minor office; but within a few years he became a public teacher, and soon attracted numerous disciples.

Rising in lun yu confucio, he was invited to the court of Chow, where he investigated the traditional ceremonies and maxims of the ruling dynasty; and in the following year visited another state where he lun yu confucio the ancient music. Lun yu confucio he was nearly fifty, in the year B.

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In spite of almost miraculous efficiency, he lost the support of his ruler in B. Lun yu confucio sooner was he dead, however, than his wisdom was recognized by peasant and emperor alike; admiration rose to veneration, veneration to worship. Sacrifices were offered to him, temples lun yu confucio in his honor, and a cult established which has lasted almost two thousand years.