Julian Lloyd Webber plays Variations with the band Colosseum II. Andrew Lloyd Webber - Variations is a music studio album recording by VARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) (Various. Artists: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Julian Lloyd Webber Release date: 22 November Label: MCA Records.


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Lloyd Webber started it all: With this lloyd webber variations, faithfully reproduced, you could hardly miss; and in his charming piece Chausson, perhaps Dukas, come to mind William does indeed come nowhere near missing.

Andrew's Variations—on a theme of Paganini, the expected one—reflect a similar degree of skill; even so, there are few moments when Lloyd webber variations music could be mistaken for William's though perhaps there are many which would have puzzled him.


The main theme trickles through, but is broken down in a mini maelstrom of sound that maybe loses a little power by being so controlled and precise, but nevertheless maintains a momentum that is quite breathtaking.

The ending to this variation is lloyd webber variations of my favourite bits, so no spoilers here.

An alleged return to Variations display lloyd webber variations more mastery at the form - earlier ideas are explored, developed, moved on from in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it-fest of compositional fireworks.

We then hop mysteriously into Variation This is a Moog driven affair that sounds like it came out of the BBC Radiophonic workshop for an early episode of Dr Who - but loses nothing for it!

There were beautiful melodies in earlier variations, but Lloyd Webber has saved one of the best for Variation 18 - again taken up by his brother on the Cello with minimal backing from Moore and Mole.

Around halfway through Moore takes up the lloyd webber variations and really shines with a wondrous lloyd webber variations tone, but sadly the reins are returned to JLW to close the variation in syrupy style.


Next we have Variations 19, 20 and 6 variedanother giddying, swirling lloyd webber variations of why this album is the Masterpiece I hold it to be. The main theme gets some prominence, but it is halted in its tracks before it can get going, and new material is presented before Variation 6 returns in majestrial lloyd webber variations.

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Variations for Piano. - ProMusica Cork Music Shop

But now I turn your attention swiftly to Variations 21 and Gary Moore is allowed a free rein here, and dominates with aplomb. Variation 22 suddenly drops the music into a chasm with a lloyd webber variations spacey sound given that the main instrument is the piano.

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Variation 23 ends the set in pounding style, with Lloyd webber variations Webber turning in a performance that Paganini may have snickered at - but is most suitable for what is. At the time, progressive rock was still hanging on to some semblance of commercial viability, and in fairness, MCA had made a fortune off of Lloyd Webber 's work on Jesus Christ Superstar, etc.


The lloyd webber variations was later incorporated into Andrew Lloyd Webber 's Song and Dance, and mid-'80s theater work, and later appeared in a recording on Philips, featuring a new orchestration and the participation of Julian Lloyd Webber with the London Philharmonic under Lorin Maazel.