Sounds like power issues. Did you try a new HOLD PLEASE. Before I continue all advice is given as you understand the lethal issue of working. I have a Samsung LA32AP1RLXL LCD TV and few days before suddenly the display came with small squares in whole screen though the. There are many LCD TV (liquid crystal display television) brands, and all are known to have flaws. Some brands are better than others.


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Open your TV's settings menu and ensure that the speakers lcd tv troubleshooting set to "On. Your TV is connected to an external speaker if you see a message such as "Not Available" when you try to turn up the volume. Turn up the volume if you use external speakers and turn off the mute option on each of your controllers.

Instruction for LT30FMP

Sound With No Video One indication that may signal damage to your TV or other device is hearing sound but seeing no picture on your screen.

Check that your devices are properly connected. Also, test your devices with new cables to confirm lcd tv troubleshooting devices are working correctly.

The lamp, rear projection component or the LCD panel might be damaged. The sleep timer might be turned on to a certain number lcd tv troubleshooting minutes that keeps turning the LCD off.


Determine if the power supply is adequate by checking the power breaker. If the TV requires more power then the outlet can supply, it will trip the lcd tv troubleshooting. Also, check that there are no loose wires.

If the power source change has no effect, call the manufacturer.

Samsung LCD TV Display Problem - Forums - CNET

lcd tv troubleshooting Video of the Day Step Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to scratches on the LCD that are interfering with the picture. This can even out the scratch with the rest of the LCD screen and make the scratch disappear. Scratches can be caused by something hitting lcd tv troubleshooting falling on the screen.

The quality obtained from DVD discs recorded on home DVD recorders often varies due to different quality settings being used on the recorders.

LCD TV Troubleshooting Tips

Picture quality from VHS tapes often appears to be significantly worse than other sources, symptoms often include grainy and watery picture.

Reset your TV to the factory defaults. Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the product. Abnormal display Refer lcd tv troubleshooting the following FAQ.