La lunga rotta on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Indice. 1 Citazioni di Bernard Moitessier; 2 Capo Horn alla vela. Incipit; Citazioni. 3 La lunga rotta. Incipit; Citazioni. 4 Bibliografia; 5 Altri progetti. La lunga rotta. Solo tra mari e cieli (Paperback) by Bernard Moitessier and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at.


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He left Indochina at the beginning of the Vietnam War as a crew member of sailing trade junks.

La lunga rotta. Solo tra mari e cieli : Bernard Moitessier :

On the first leg to Seychelles he had to stop her from leaking in the middle of the Indian Ocean by diving underneath the boat at sea. He did not have modern navigational instruments, and was aware of his latitude via sextant observation but was estimating longitude and, as he tells it in "Sailing to the Reefs", neglected a three-knot ocean current, leading to the grounding.

He was la lunga rotta to Mauritiusbecause Diego Garcia is a military restricted area, and worked there three years before he could sail again in a boat he had built himself.

This he sailed via stops in South Africa and La lunga rotta. Helena to the West Indies, but on a trip from Trinidad to St.

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Lucia he once again was shipwrecked due to physical exhaustion. Picked up and taken back to Trinidad by friends, he decided to go to France directly, as it seemed the only place he could earn enough to build himself a worthy boat.

He was able la lunga rotta get work on a cargo ship which got him to France, via Hamburgwhere he found work with a medical company whilst writing a book about his experience Vagabond des Mers du Sud. With the money from his book, he commissioned a 39' steel ketch which he named Joshua, in honour of Joshua Slocumthe first person to sail around the world solo.

After wintering in Casablanca they sailed first to the Canariesla lunga rotta to Trinidadand through the Panama Canal to the Galapagos Islands. After two years of spending time in each of these places they arrived at Tahitibut realised that they were running out of time and that there was just eight months left to return to their children.

So Moitessier proposed sailing Joshua home not via the Indian Ocean and Suez Canalas originally planned, but eastwise, via the quickest route, including a passage about the much feared Cape Horn.

Somewhat reluctantly, Moitessier decided to sail Joshua to Plymouth to meet the criterion for la lunga rotta race of leaving from an English port, but left months after several smaller and therefore slower boats.

He departed Plymouth on August 23, and, after a quick passage south, he was off the Cape of Good Hope by October 20, In the process of transferring a canister of film and reports for the Sunday Times to a freighter, he allowed the bow of Joshua to be drawn into the stern of the ship, bending the bowspritwhich he was able to fix with winches on board.

La lunga rotta. Solo tra mari e cieli

A succession of gales and calm periods characterised his trip through the Southern Ocean till he passed Cape Horn on 5 Feb In all this time he got no feedback on the progress of other competitors from local radio stations. From the time of calms in the Indian Ocean where he was depressed and discovered yoga as a means la lunga rotta controlling his moods, he started to think of not returning to La lunga rotta which he saw as a cause of many of his worries.

La lunga rotta aim of continuing his voyage on again to the Galapagos Islands strengthened as he passed through the Pacific though he was determined to complete the circumnavigation first.

Finally having passed Cape Horn he had a crisis when a south-easterly gale started blowing him north again, and his account of his thought processes before he turned for the Cape of Good Hope reflects inner turmoil.

However, the manner of his resignation, as he tells the story, is a key part of his reputation.

Bernard Moitessier

He sent a message to his London Times correspondent by la lunga rotta message by slingshot onto the deck of a passing ship, stating: Although driven and competitive, he passed up a chance at instant fame and a world la lunga rotta, and sailed on for three more months.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston went on both to win the race, as its only legitimate finisher, and to become the first man to circumnavigate the globe alone without stopping.

Moitessier's boat Joshua in in La Rochelle. La lunga rotta he abandoned the race, Moitessier still circumnavigated the globe, crossing around the Cape of Good HopeSouth Africaand then sailing almost two-thirds of the way around a second time, all non-stop and mostly in the roaring fortiessetting another record for the longest nonstop passage by a yacht, with a total la lunga rotta 37, nautical miles in 10 months.

Despite heavy weather and a couple of severe knockdowns, he even la lunga rotta rounding the Horn again. However, he decided that he and Joshua had had enough and, on June 21,la lunga rotta in at Tahiti, from where he and his wife had set out for Alicante, Spain, a decade earlier.

He thus had completed his second personal circumnavigation of the world, including the previous voyage with his wife.

It is impossible to say whether Moitessier would have won if he had completed the race, as he would have been sailing in different weather conditions than Knox-Johnston. However Moitessier is on record as stating that he would not have won [1].

Moitessier's book of the experience, The Long Way, tells the story of his voyage as a spiritual journey as much as a sailing adventure and is still regarded as a la lunga rotta of sailing and adventuring literature.

Moitessier's grave in Le Bono, Morbihan, France photographed in Moitessier's grave la lunga rotta Le Bono, Morbihan, France la lunga rotta in It took Moitessier two years to finish the book about his trip to Tahiti, during which time he met Ileana Draghici with whom he had a son, Stephan.


They moved to the atoll of Ahewhere Moitessier attempted to cultivate fruit and vegetables.