Agent is a humorous Belgian comic about a rotund police officer who usually suffers as a . The Agent comics have been translated into Indonesian under the series title Agen Polisi The first 16 albums were released in standard. Beli List Ready agen (2) dari vivi liana venuslady47 - Medan hanya di Bukalapak. 99% ( feedback) · Komik Agen Polisi Bekas. Komik Agen Polisi #jualan #jualkomik #komikeropasecond #komikeropabekas # Komik AGEN POLISI cetakan Misurind Korupsi Waktu 20rb #komiklucu #komikmurah.


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Kendaraan ini mirip seperti pesawat ruang angkasa, tetapi terbatas untuk terbang hanya pada atmosfer planet Elekton. Pakaian yang dikenakan bangsa Trigan mirip dengan bangsa Romawi, dengan banyak penduduk mengenakan pakaian seperti Toga, atau untuk serdadunya kebanyakan komik agen 212 baju zirah gaya Romawi.

Unlike other Franco-Belgian comic titles such as Komik agen 212, Asterix and Lucky Lukethe Agent albums do not comprise single stories spanning the length of the book.

Jual List Ready agen (2) di lapak vivi liana venuslady47

Instead, each album comprises a number of short and usually unrelated stories, ranging in length komik agen 212 one to five pages, though the lead story in Volume 4 spans 12 pages. Main characters[ edit ] Arthur Delfouille "Agent ": His nickname is "Tutur".


This well-meaning, overweight police officer yearns for tranquility but makes a lot of blunders, collecting bumps, bruises and reprimands in the course of his duties. Arthur's colleague and partner.

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Ill-tempered and impatient, he is often enraged by Arthur's maladroitness. He sometimes punishes Arthur by assigning him to traffic police duties.


Caring and patient, she usually supports Arthur and defends him from her mother's criticism. A police officer who is Arthur's friend.

Agen Polisi 212

Cerita komik ini sangat dipengaruhi oleh kisah-kisah mitologi, sejumlah masyarakat dalam komik ini didasarkan pada kebudayaan-kebudayaan kuno yang telah ada dalam sejarah. Kemiripan utamanya di antaranya adalah Kekaisaran Trigan, yang tampak digambarkan berdasarkan kekaisaran Romawi.

Please komik agen 212 the film and make use of the voice you have — sign the petition.

In Volume 18 pages 24—26he is briefly redeemed when he takes pity on a komik agen 212 mother and child. A man who is always ticketed by Arthur. A lumberjack who is first defeated by Arthur in Volume Assassins targeting a president, they are foiled by Arthur in Volume 4 in the longest story of the series.

Au nom de la komik agen 212 Volume 3: Sens interdit Volume 4: Voie sans issue Volume 5: Poulet aux amendes Volume 6: Ronde de nuit Volume 7: Pas de panique Volume 9: