Law Books Commentary on the Constitution of India; Vol 12; (Covering Articles to CONSTITUTION OF INDIA AND INDIAN POLITY–50+1 TEST BANK. About the Author: Dr. Durga Das Basu is an Indian jurist and has authored books like Law of The Press, Constitutional Law of India, Human Rights in Constitutional Law and many international human rights documents. The Constitution of India (IAST: Bhāratīya Saṃvidhāna) is the supreme law of India. .. At the conclusion of his book, Making of India's Constitution, retired Supreme Court of India justice Hans Raj Khanna wrote: If the Indian constitution is our  Original title‎: ‎भारतीय संविधान (‎IAST‎: Bhā.


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This book is written in such a format that readers from all backgrounds will be able to understand the concepts effectively. Our Parliament — Indian constitution books Kashyap.


The fifth indian constitution books is not a book but it is a work of art when it comes to sensitizing its readers about Constitution. Arvind Datar in the epochal judgment on Right to Privacy K.

Puttaswamy vs Union of India.


The blog accepts guest posts too and is quite diverse in its contents. State of Keralathe Supreme Court ruled that an amendment cannot destroy what it seeks to modify; it cannot tinker indian constitution books the constitution's basic structure or framework, which are immutable.

5 Books to Study Indian Polity for IAS Prelims Exam - Clear IAS

Such an amendment will be declared invalid, although no part of the constitution is protected from amendment; indian constitution books basic structure doctrine does not protect any one provision of the constitution.

According to the doctrine, the constitution's basic features when "read as a whole" cannot be abridged or abolished.

These "basic features" have not been fully defined, [44] and whether a particular provision of the constitution is indian constitution books "basic feature" is decided by the courts. State of Kerala decision laid down the constitution's basic structure: The Supreme Court or a high court may declare the amendment null and void if this is violated, after a judicial review.

This is typical of parliamentary governments, where the judiciary checks parliamentary power.

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In its Golak Nath v. It is in such a scenario where a book like this one plays a crucial role in translating these complex subjects presented in the constitution to a medium that could enable even a layman to understand and study these complex concepts. Basu does a brilliant job in explaining the dreams and aspirations of the founding fathers, various discussions indian constitution books lead to the core values, how indian constitution books constitution inspired us and how it was adapted to match with our social, political and economic scenarios.


He also provides us insight into how the Constitution has evolved over time through various amendments introduced by the ruling governments. After a detailed indian constitution books of various provisions, judicial case studies that defined several of these provisions, the author evaluates its performance to identify certain vulnerabilities that have limited even the checks and balances system of the constitution.

5 Books to Study Indian Polity for IAS Prelims Exam

Covering such vast field of the study Dr. Basu put forward some suggestions for improvement over the present structure.

All these factors together make this book an indispensable text for any political science student or indian constitution books those who are attempting competitive examinations like UPSC, SSC etc.