the Kindle and Nook. For those looking to read an ePub on a larger screen, we'll look at the best Mac eBook reader apps available right now. Description. Kitabu is our easy to use Desktop ePub reader. Best desktop ePub reader for all your devices. Simply drag and drop your eBook into Kitabu and. ePub Reader for Mac – Adobe's PDF may be the most popular document format but ePub format performs better than PDF. PDF documents have a fixed page.


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‎Kitabu on the Mac App Store

Admire the effort, but not functional yet Jun 11, Scuzzmonkey It's free, and it looks like it will look good someday, but it's just not sufficiently functional to read a epub viewer mac on yet. Other folks have mentioned the absence of bookmarks and the desirability of setting and layout saves for individual books, and those would be good features to have.

I was looking for a minimalist ebook reader and between the current design and those two options, Kitabu would fit the bill… if only it could read the EPUB epub viewer mac reliably! The degree of interface customization is somewhat limited, however, with granular-looking sliders providing only three to five levels of actual tweaking.

But annotations are excellent, with a notebook feature for marginalia, great highlighting tools, and Amazon-provided backup to sync across devices and keep your progress updated.

It was designed to help you read e-books quickly, clearly and efficiently. Just drag the folders containing e-book files epub viewer mac finder and drop on the Clearview shelf, all the files information will be imported to the library quickly.

Best 5 Epub Readers for Mac

Clearview have been accustomed to tabbed reading in a browser. With several related books organized in the same window, you do not have to look for and switch between the book windows everywhere.

It also features an inbuilt OCR functionality that extracts data from scanned documents into analysis-ready files. Epub viewer mac can change colors, switch to underline, or add a note instantly for future references.


From this web site ePub Reader Software there is a review of many other possibilities, with a table at the bottom of the page, including another cloud sync offering Sony Reader Library only available from the US iTunes store and, to tell the truth I haven't worked out how to over come this hoop yet - another, hitherto unknown to me, of the many strangenesses of this problematic program.

To be clear - I am allowed to attempt epub viewer mac log in with my UK id, my genius setting are wiped - which I don't care but it takes time - and only then a modal window informs me that the id is only valid epub viewer mac the UK.

Best 5 Epub Readers for Mac

Why is every one in thrall to Apple? Well, because they are making money hand over fist.

And, some time later, epub viewer mac discovered that logging out of one app store also turns off iTunes Match which means this computer has to be re-added to the cloud, which means many hours pass while that epub viewer mac with a sizeable collection Go to Adobe Digital Editions download page.

Unfortunately, the Kindle app is for reading books bought from the Amazon digital book store. It cannot read epubs. Reading on Stanza Desktop, in my opinion, is the closest thing to reading epubs on iOS.