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It was from the sale of those products that Bow got money to invest in music. At that stage, the young man had to live with the fact that he was going to leave edital da up 2015 mozambique songs recorded with effort in the radios and he do not listen them.

Four Malawians killed in Mozambique

But he still did not give up. After selling in the market, began to work in the national radios like producer, activity that allowed him to work with some references of Mozambican music.

Bow emerged in the edital da up 2015 mozambique music, with the release of his first album named "Meu sonho" My dream.


However, there was a song on the album that was successful. The track was sung in Xichangana, Bantu language spoken in the southern part of the country.

Registe-se, não custa nada

The rhythm was marrabenta, musical style much appreciated in that region. Curiously, it was that song that marked the turning edital da up 2015 mozambique in Mr. He noted that the songs interpreted in that form had a great impact, his friend Tabazile, an artist with whom Mr.

Bow sang that track, advised him to change his musical style and start to sing in Xichangana.

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From there, Bawito, as it is also known, began to sing in his native language and adapted the Marrabenta, making a variation of the musical style mixing with South African rhythms, like Xigumbaza, Kwaito and House, denominated "Marrabenta Vhuto".

Bow became, at the time, one of the few young people to sing marrabenta and edital da up 2015 mozambique Xichangana.

The year was marked in edital da up 2015 mozambique life of the artist, by the artistic and loving side. In the same year, Mr. Bow married with the business woman named Maria de Lurdes, who met her on social networks.

However, the wedding was not very well received in the public square, because Maria de Lourdes was a business woman and six years older than Salvador Maiaze.

Instituto Agrario de Boane

The musician came to be called "ambitious. Bow sought to explain that he did not marry for monetary interests, but the comments continued and edital da up 2015 mozambique singer chose to ignore and focus on releasing more songs. In that CD, there are the songs "Male ya Matchangana" money of machanganas and "Bawito", songs that have become "hymns" at parties and continue to play on dance floors.

Inin the Mozambican media field, at the cultural level, a name prevailed: They were at the origin of everything, the success of edital da up 2015 mozambique songs and, above all, their love life.

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In the beginning, the relationship was not disclosed, which generated a great wave of speculation in social networks, which lasted approximately five months. In the early months, Mr. Bow came to react through his official "Facebook" page stating that he would not comment on his private life, asked the fans edital da up 2015 mozambique respect him as the favorite artist, and explained that he is an equal young man to them therefore, about his personal life he preferred to sit with his family without exposing it in public.


As in February ofthe fans remained restless and Bawito's reaction even further stirred up the "dispute". After about five months, the couple decided to break the silence.