European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) International Congress, August , , Ljubljana, Slovenia . International. Larry Elliott, economics editor. Mon 19 Aug EDT First This article was amended on 20 August An earlier version referred to. Business travel in Airlines look up. Aug 1st , by N.B. | WASHINGTON, D.C.. DELTA AIR LINES and US Airways both released their.


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A lot of economists have been around a long time — it's a small world — but Yellen has other qualifications.

Janet Yellen, the economists' choice for next chair of the Federal Reserve

She has a keen economist august 2013 for reading economic trends, including the subprime housing crisis. In a letter to President Obama this week, 25 economists sang the praises of Yellen's predictive powers: While president of the San Francisco Fed, she warned as early as about the housing bubble.

In the summer ofshe was one of the first at Federal Open Market Committee [FOMC] meetings to caution that the subprime mortgage crisis would lead to a recession, while others appeared more concerned economist august 2013 inflation.

Inshe was one of the few to predict that the pace of the recovery would be "frustratingly slow", and she has accurately stuck to that prediction.

When the Wall Street Journal tallied up economic predictions made by 14 members of economist august 2013 Federal Reserve between andYellen was ahead of the entire field. This is particularly notable economist august 2013 economists are, at heart, statisticians. So, while they can analyze the past pretty well, they tend to be terrible at reading the present and, particularly, at predicting the future.


Hillary Clinton has presented an extensive list of policies that would raise wages, starting with a higher minimum wage. She would promote that goal both by using the presidential bully pulpit and economist august 2013 providing tax incentives for businesses that share profits.

India on the brink of its own financial crisis

Since the scholarly evidence suggests that profit-sharing raises productivity, such tax breaks will partly pay for themselves. Increased vocational training and apprenticeships for the economist august 2013 are also major Clinton policies And then there is what may be the surest way to raise wages over the long run: Economists have economist august 2013, too.

Like Summers, he prefers a massive investment in infrastructure. But he does agree that a shift in business income away from profits and toward salaries would create growth.

India on the brink of its own financial crisis | Business | The Guardian

economist august 2013 Workers are more likely to buy things from their paychecks than businesses are to invest out of their profits. And the usual passive or verb-less sentences hiding the heavy hand of Federal government always invites skepticism.

Economist august 2013 inflows push up the exchange rate, making imports cheaper and exports dearer. The trade deficit balloons, growth slows, deep-seated structural flaws become more prominent and the hot money leaves.

The trigger for the run on the rupee has been the news from Washington that the Federal Reserve is considering scaling back - "tapering" - its bond-buying stimulus programme from next month.

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MichelleRiesling 11 Comments No joke: Although the public face of the conference was the sell-out Sunday Grand Tasting on the grounds of the Chateau in Woodinville, the real work took place at the waterfront Economist august 2013 Harbor Conference Center on Elliott Bay.

What did we learn about life on Planet Riesling as Stuart Pigott calls it? We economist august 2013 spectacular wines from many corners of the globe and regions of the U. But it is a small world, too, as global quality standards have risen due in part, I think, to the international exchange of technical information that Riesling Rendezvous and its partner conferences have promoted.

The gap between Old and New Worlds has closed dramatically.