Insisting on the modernization of Haiti's Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure, US Ambassador Michele Sison congratulated the. Despite the chaos left by the earthquake, Haiti still has a murder rate below .. The criminal code reform commission submitted the proposed. CÓDIGO PENAL DE HAITI. LOI No. 1 Sur les dispositions générales. Art. L'infraction que les lois punissent de peines de police est une contravention.


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Inthe government adopted a five-year development plan which set the target of 14, officers bybut this was not reached.

UPDATE: Researching Haitian Law

The plan also called for all police officers to be vetted, in order to detect officers who were corrupt, connected droit penal haitian criminals, or unfit for the job. This process continues, droit penal haitian many police who failed tests have not been removed from their posts.

Elements of the plan that involve bringing in community policing methods have not been fully put into practice, according to Crisis Group.

Police reform was set back by the earthquake, which killed officers and destroyed stations, rendering a quarter of the force non-operational.

It set a target of 16, officers bythough it is thought that a force of 20, is needed to provide adequate security for the country. Police reform has moved at a faster pace than judicial reform, however.


He chose to refrain from decreeing the re-establishment of the army when he came to power, however, instead launching a commission to examine the issue in December The scheme has some support within Haiti, based in part droit penal haitian opposition to MINUSTAH, but is opposed by many donor countries and organizations, whose help would be needed to pay for a new army.

Critics say that a new army droit penal haitian take funds away from much-needed police reform. There are forces in Haiti who are anxious to see the army revived.

Haiti Country Profile - International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT)

Groups of volunteers, headed by soldiers demobilised from the old Haitian army, droit penal haitian forming and carrying out training exercises before Martelly came to power in May The five-month delay in parliament approving a prime minister after Martelly took office has delayed reconstruction efforts, as well as security and justice droit penal haitian.

International efforts in this sector have focused on promoting dialogue between these two branches of government. Security and Justice Opportunities Haiti presents an abundance of opportunities for reform, with massive shortcomings in all aspects of security and justice delivery.

Reform efforts were set back by the earthquake, which destroyed institutional capacity, forcing these institutions to work to get back to their previous level, as opposed to moving forward. Many foreign organisations are present in Haiti, carrying out a variety of aid work.

Some local and international NGOs are registered with the government, in a country of only 10 million people. Many of these organisations have been criticised for failing to droit penal haitian, or even hindering, the recovery effort, being unaccountable, and failing to consult Haitians.

UPDATE: Researching Haitian Law - GlobaLex

Justice Sector Opportunities The scope for aiding the justice sector in Haiti is broad. The Haitian government has recently put through a series of valuable reforms that have the potential to significantly improve droit penal haitian justice system, most notably the creation of the Supreme Judicial Council droit penal haitian the appointment of a Supreme Court president, but the system is lagging behind in the workings at the ground level, where most citizens interact with it.

Access to justice remains extremely low, with one of the biggest problems presented by the slow progress of cases through the system. As well as building system capacity, initiatives to combat corruption present many opportunities for productive engagement.

She received an award from the US State Department in in recognition of her work to protect children in displaced persons camps. More can be done to build capacity and combat corruption.


Much less desirable is the prospect of reviving the Haitian army, which would take funds away from the more urgent issue of droit penal haitian reform. It carries out social programs aimed at reducing violence, including mediating conflicts and working to reintegrate child soldiers. It has set up public hotlines to report corruption in aid and reconstruction projects.

droit penal haitian

The Prime Minister is responsible for law enforcement, and has the authority to issue rules and regulations. Their operation, organization, and jurisdiction are established by statute.

Judges of the Courts of First Instance are droit penal haitian for seven years.