The magazine will hit the stands in early May. The entire article is online here. Direct Art Cover. Comments Off on Direct Art Magazine Update. Title: Direct Art Magazine, Volume 19, Author: SlowArt Productions, Name: Direct Art Magazine, Volume 19, Length: pages, Page: 1, Published: The 21st annual edition of Direct Art Magazine. The magazine features images and commentary from established and emerging international.


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CALL for ENTRIES: Direct Art Magazine Annual Competition

The two central themes of my work are the Tragic and the Infantile. These themes are embodied in my series on roadkill, which is presented through the rich direct art magazine historically-loaded language of Still Life.

Direct art magazine process involves finding the remains of animals that have been hit on the road and bringing them home. I set them up in compositions that both pay homage to, and satirize, 17th century Hunting Still Lifes.

Direct Art Magazine Volume 21 by SlowArt Productions | Blurb Books

The still lifes, and portraits of animals direct art magazine aristocratic laps, explore the long-standing confrontations between the domestic and the wild. This creates a fascinating disparity between the two worlds forced together in an absurd union, direct art magazine well as serves as a means of finding humor in tragedy.

With these works I hope to spark dialogue with my audience on the topic of wildlife in contemporary American visual art, and the changing role of wildlife in industrialized society. I never expected to spend my whole life standing on this bridge, waiting, staring.

Contemplating the depth that has no ending. I am the one who made this oceanic abyss.

I gathered the half-livings direct art magazine dwell here, I pulled them together then jumbled them up so that you didn't know and couldn't follow the pathways of my mind.

All their souls are trapped forever and may never leave the squares that I made them be chained inside.

Direct Art Magazine Update – Scott G. Brooks: Blog

They like it that way, forever frozen in their secret worlds, lining the walls of the universe, in the deep, deep, under this vast blue. The painting on the right, Family Dinner, illustrates a similar situation direct art magazine with a different result.

The mother in this scene is somehow able to keep her composure direct art magazine by the chaos around her.


She calmly works the stovetop, awaiting the arrival of her man. Fortunately, she has the help of a husband, unlike the mom in the oven. The direct art magazine two decades have proven to be very inspirational in this regard. These two paintings are both fairly new, the Tank Head deals with the topic more direct art magazine or generically, while the painting on the direct art magazine uses a more detailed, storytelling approach.

The wish is to wreak havoc on America. The wish was granted for the most part, considering the current state of affairs -- but in so doing they released the demons of American culture that now cast a shadow over their country.

I was praised highly by my kindergarten teacher for my abilities.


In fact, I was set apart from other children because I had a somewhat superior ability to articulate my ideas in the two dimensional direct art magazine of painting. As it turned out, this was the only skill I possessed that was superior to my fellow children.

Painting was my only evident talent, the only thing Direct art magazine could be proud of. While every other course of study brought me sorrow and stress, art brought me delight and solace. Thus, art became my identifier at a very early age. I was five years old.

Direct Art Magazine Volume 21

There are no masterpieces left over from those years to judge my abilities. However, I suspect that my talent for drawing and painting was mediocre.

However, the fact that I poured so much of myself into my art made it better than it might have been. As direct art magazine young direct art magazine became more difficult I found that I could hide in the lines of my drawings.


The paint turned direct art magazine gray San Francisco days into sunny bright colors. Honestly, I was not a happy child. I recall my childhood as a dark time filled with fear, anger and frustration.