: Debian GNU/Linux Bible: David B. Harris, Jaldhar Vyas. Benjamin Mako Hill (Somerville, 2 dicembre ) è un hacker, attivista e ricercatore statunitense. Indice. 1 Biografia; 2 Debian; 3 Ubuntu; 4 Altri lavori; 5 Pubblicazioni; 6 Note; 7 Altri progetti; 8 Collegamenti esterni. Biografia[modifica | modifica wikitesto]. È sviluppatore di software libero e collaboratore dei progetti Debian e Debian GNU/Linux Bible (ISBN. Debian GNU/Linux Bible by David B. Harris, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.


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Desktop Linux - Google Libri

He has served as a delegate of the Debian Project Leader, and is a founder and coordinator of Debian Non-Profit, [9] a Debian custom distribution designed to fill the needs of small non-profit organizations.

Configuring Graphics and Sound. debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible

Digital Photography and Multimedia. This may require extra steps with CD installer or online through the www. This install verification process debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible be intimidating. Remarkably, one of the easiest to use and friendliest Linux versions, Knoppix, is based on the Debian Core and allows users to boot directly from a CD and have a basic Debian Linux running in less than five minutes.


This can provide another quick insight into whether the Debian distro meets your needs. Debian Views Debian, like so many versions of Linux, prides itself on the fact that it can be configured for many different types of users debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible their specific views and needs.

So here are the tools available for different types of users.

Debian GNU / Linux 3.1 Bible

KDE or Gnome GUI interface - both are good; Gnome is default install, but choose the one with best available docs and easiest to train and remember how to use Internet browser debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible Mozilla, Firefox and Konqueror - go with Firefox for its features and 3rd party, free add-ons Internet Mail - Evolution, KMail, Thunderbird - go with Evolution which debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible extra calendaring and PIM features Internet Instant Messaging - Gaim is the only default game in town; Jabber works with substantial effort Word Processing - OpenOffice Org has a powerful word processor which is very interoperable with Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

Many users have the impression that Linux is a desert for having fun with games.


In sum, Debian provides casual users in both home and business a better solution to their pragmatic computing needs - faster and more reliable computing power than Windows until Windows gets rid of COM and ActiveX vulnerabilities which it will do with Vista.

But that will come at the price of substantial hardware upgrade debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible plus major learning curves for the Vista OS.

Also expect a buggy start-up for Windows Vista of month period or more as third parties have had to substantially rewrite their drivers and Windowing routines. And users of Microsoft Office apps also debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible a bewildering array of different Offices all of which will exact big-learning curve and the old "can I read my or my colleagues Word file in the new Office" questions.

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Bible [With 2 CD-ROMs]

Bottom line, Linux debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible much lower initial and ongoing costs plus full-featured home office apps. Harris is a professional systems administrator debian gnu/linux 3.1 bible works with Debian systems daily.

He is an active and recognized member of the Debian community, where he maintains a number of Debian components. Aside from Debian, he manages all the technical aspects of the Open and Free Technology Community, a group formed early in to provide services to Open Source projects.

  • Debian GNU/Linux Bible [With 2 CD-ROMs] by David B. Harris
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  • Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Bible [With 2 CD-ROMs]
  • The Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Bible

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