Leaves, complete (collation i-xi8, xii4, xiii-xix 8), catchwords at the end of each quire, centered, blind ruled, picking visible in the margins, including double. [CONTRA FAUSTUM MANICHAEUM.] A.D. Written about the year [Faustus was undoubtedly the acutest, most determined and most unscrupulous. s Contra Faustum Manichaeum opus ingens und verbosum ('a work vast and verbose') and already felt like a semitheologus (a pun on semichristianus in c.


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You declare that Christ is liberated in this contra fastum manichaeum, however, entirely; for you hold that some tiny particles of no value still remain in the excrement, to be mixed up and compounded again and again in various material forms, and to be released and purified at any rate by the fire in which contra fastum manichaeum world will be burned up, if not before.

Nay, even then, you say, Christ is not entirely liberated; but some extreme particles of His good and divine nature, which have been so defiled that they cannot be cleansed, are condemned to stay for ever in the horrid mass of darkness.

Augustine of Hippo

And these people pretend to be offended with our saying that a star announced the birth of the Son of God, as if this were placing His birth under the influence of a constellation; while they subject Him not to stars only, but to such polluting contact with all material things, with the juices of all vegetables, and with the decay of all flesh, and with contra fastum manichaeum decomposition of all food, in which He is bound up, that the only way of releasing Him, at least one great means, is that men, that is the Elect of the Manichaeans, should succeed in digesting their dinner.

We, too, deny the influence of the stars upon the birth of any man; for we maintain that, by the just law of God, the free-will of man, which chooses good or evil, is under no constraint of necessity. How much less do we subject to any constellation the incarnation of the eternal Creator and Lord of all!

When Christ was born after the flesh, the star which the Magi saw had no power as governing, but attended as a witness. Instead of contra fastum manichaeum control over Him, it acknowledged Him by the homage it did.

Augustin: Contra Faustum Book 23 to 33

Besides, this star was not one of those which from the beginning of the world continue in the course ordained by the Creator.

Along contra fastum manichaeum the new birth from the Virgin appeared a new star, which served as a guide to the Magi who were themselves seeking for Christ; for it went before contra fastum manichaeum till they reached the place where they found the Word of God in the form of a child. But what astrologer ever thought of making a star leave its course, and come down to the child that is born, as they imagine, under it?


They think that the stars affect the birth, not that the birth changes the course of the stars; so,if the star in the Gospel was one of those heavenly bodies, how could it determine Christ's action, when it was compelled to change its own action at Christ's birth?

But if, as is more likely, a star which did not exist before appeared to point out Christ, it was the effect of Christ's birth, and not the contra fastum manichaeum of it. Christ was not contra fastum manichaeum because the star was there; but the star was there because Christ was born.

If there was any fate, it was in the birth, and not in the star. The word fate is derived from a word which means to speak; and since Christ is the Word of God by which all things were spoken before they were, the conjunction of stars is not the fate of Christ, but Christ is the fate of the stars.

Answer to Faustus, a Manichean = Contra Faustum Manichaeum (Book, ) []

The same will that made the heavens took our earthly nature. The same power that ruled the stars laid down His life and took it again. Why, then, should the narrative of the birth not be the gospel, since it conveys such good news as heals our malady?

Is it because Matthew begins, not like Mark, with the words, "The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ," but, contra fastum manichaeum book of the generation of Jesus Christ? The wonder is, that you are so impudent as to give the name of gospel to contra fastum manichaeum silly stories.

What good news is there in telling us that, in the conflict against some strange hostile nation, God could protect His own kingdom only by sending part of His own nature into the greedy jaws of the former, and to be so defiled, that after all those toils and tortures contra fastum manichaeum cannot all be purged?

Augustine of Hippo - Wikipedia

Is this bad news the gospel? Every one who has even a slender knowledge of Greek knows that gospel means good news. But where is your good news, when your God himself is said to weep as under eclipse contra fastum manichaeum the darkness and defilement are removed from his members?

And when he ceases to weep, it seems he becomes cruel. For what contra fastum manichaeum that part of him which is to be involved in the mass done to deserve this condemnation? This part must go on weeping for ever. But no; whoever examines this news will not weep because it is bad, but will laugh because it is not true.