As Milan talked earlier, aircraft generators are essential part of aircraft electrical system. Briefly, he mentioned two main types of AC generators. Any AC generator requires a magnetic field in the rotor. This is swept past the coils, and you can imagine the positive half cycle being produced by the North  What's the different between a brushed and brushless AC generator? Abstract— Brushless excitation systems have been largely applied in recent . ac generator that delivers its ac voltage to the rotor of the main generator, and.


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Briefly, he mentioned two main types of AC generators, one is constant frequency and another is variable frequency generators. Standard brushless ac generator are bitten from brushless Classic use of brushes and slip rings for passing excitation current to AC windings made huge problems due to brush consumption and during the time rotating surface make traces on rotor of generator.

Also, power that is conveyed is smaller that in brushless type. Overview of this generator is brushless ac generator in Picture 1.

Figure Diagram of a brushless ac generator excitation system.

Mostly, it is made with three main components: Exciter AC generator Picture 1. The brushless generator These three components are mounted in one case.


The exciter is located on the other side from input rotation section. This is brushless ac generator bell sector of generator, and it is consisted of stator and three-phase rotor in star connection.


It comprises an AC power generator and an exciter which can be set in one of two modes: The exciter voltage is adjustable in both modes using a rheostat control on the module faceplate. In small sizes, the induction generator can provide a low-cost brushless ac generator to the syn- chronous generator, but it has a relatively poor performance when supplying a low power factor load.

Although induction generators have useful characteristics for use in combination with wind turbines, the magnetizing current must be supplied by other generators running in parallel, or capacitors connected across the stator brushless ac generator.

Brushless ac generator problem is that the efficiency of an induction generator drops if its speed differs significantly from the synchronous speed, due to high rotor copper loss in the rotor cage. This can be overcome by using a slipring-fed wound rotor combined with a power electronic converter connected between the stator and rotor windings.

Such schemes are often referred to as slip energy recovery using a doubly brushless ac generator induction generator.


The slip s, of an induction machine is the per unit difference between the rotor speed and the synchronous speed given by: It can be shown that if Tr is the mechanical torque supplied by a turbine to the rotor of the induction generator, the generated electrical stator power transferred across the air gap is given by Tr Ns.

Since the input mechanical power to the generator is Tr Nr, the difference Tr Nr — Tr Ns must be the power lost in the rotor, produced mainly by brushless ac generator loss in the cage. By substitution from eqn 5. With a simple squirrel cage rotor therefore the slip must be low to avoid high rotor loss with a resultant low efficiency.

If the cage is replaced by brushless ac generator three-phase winding, and sliprings are fitted, the same power balance can be achieved by removing the generated rotor power via the sliprings. This power can brushless ac generator be returned to the stator of the generator via a frequency converter.

Brushless ac generator circuit illustrating this slip recovery is shown in Fig. The advantage of this scheme is that the power rating of the electronic converter from eqn 5. The regulator was a conventional automotive type with vibrating points.

As it had no slip rings, it was very compact and rugged, but due to the auxiliary air gaps, it had poor efficiency. By number of phases[ edit ] Main articles: Single-phase generator and Polyphase coil Another way to brushless ac generator alternators is by the number of phases of their output voltage.

The output can be single phase, or polyphase. Three-phase alternators are the most common, brushless ac generator polyphase alternators can be two phase, six phase, or more.

The revolving armature type has the armature wound on the rotor, where the winding moves through a stationary magnetic field.

The revolving armature type is not often used. The speed of the The PMG is a simple, highly reliable source of power. All The power generated by the PMG is used for types of regulators perform the same functions, but excitation, for operation of the electrical power control a c c o m p l i s h t h e m t h r o u g h d i ff e r e brushless ac generator t o p e r a t i n g relaysand for operation of brushless ac generator electrical protective principles.