The Tarot and the Elements; The Twenty-two Keys, Atu, or Trumps of the Tarot. file:///D:/Books/Non-Fiction/Magick+Esoteric/Crowley/The book of Thoth/ Book of Thoth is a name given to many ancient Egyptian texts supposed to have been written by Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge. They include many texts that were claimed to exist by ancient authors, and a magical book that appears in an Egyptian work of fiction.‎Texts that are known or · ‎Fictional book · ‎In popular culture. The Book of Thoth has ratings and 56 reviews. Bryan said: The Book of Thoth is as much a manual for using the deck as it is a primary initiation in.


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He looked round and a book of thoth stood there, and from him came the laughter. If thou readest the first page, thou wilt enchant the sky, the earth, the abyss, the mountains, and the sea; thou wilt understand the language of the birds of the air, and thou wilt know what the creeping things of book of thoth are saying, and thou wilt see the fishes from the darkest depths of the sea.

And if thou readest the other page, even though thou wert dead and in the world of ghosts, thou couldest come back to earth in the form thou once hadst.

The Book of Thoth: A sacred ancient Egyptian book that offers unlimited knowledge

And besides this, thou wilt see the sun shining in the sky with the full moon and the stars, and thou wilt behold the great shapes of the Gods. Tell me whatsoever book of thoth is that thou desirest, and I will do it for thee.

Then shall my soul rest in peace in the Fields of Aalu.

One hundred pieces of silver must be spent upon my burying. Book of thoth the priest had taken the silver, he said to Nefer-ka-ptah: Round about the great iron box are snakes and scorpions and all manner of crawling things, and above all there is a snake which no man can kill.

These are set to guard the Book of Thoth. He ran quickly to find Ahura to tell her about the Book and that he would go to Koptos and find book of thoth. But Ahura was very sorrowful, and said, "Go not on this journey, for trouble and grief await thee in the Southern Land.

But he would not be restrained, and broke away book of thoth her and went to the King his father.

Ancient Egyptian Legends: IV: The Book of Thoth

He told the King all that he had learned, and said, "Give me the royal barge, O my father, p. For the Book of Thoth I must and will have. When they arrived at Koptos, the high priest and all the priests of Isis of Koptos came down to the river to welcome Nefer-ka-ptah, Ahura, and Merab.

And they went in a great procession to book of thoth temple of the Goddess, and Nefer-ka-ptah sacrificed an ox and a goose and poured a libation of book of thoth to Isis of Koptos and her son Harpocrates.

The Book of Thoth

After this, the priests of Isis and their wives made a great feast for four days in honour of Nefer-ka-ptah and Ahura. Setne then meets a beautiful woman who book of thoth him into killing his children and humiliating himself in front of the pharaoh.

He discovers that this episode was an illusion created by Neferkaptah, and in fear of further retribution, Setne returns the book to Neferkaptah's tomb. At Neferkaptah's request, Setne also finds the bodies of Neferkaptah's wife and son and buries them in Neferkaptah's tomb, which is then sealed.

The Book plays a role in Henry H. The Turin Papyrus of Kings, also known as the Turin Canon, is a hieratic manuscript of the 19th dynasty of Egypt, listing the kings of Egypt from the earliest times to the reign of Ramses II —13 BCunder whom it was written.

Thus, not only does the Turis resemble the Turin in name, but also in date of origin. The literary framework could be compared with the Greek hermetic texts, which also show dialogues between Hermes-Thot and his disciples; however, the presence of some texts prior to the first-century place it ahead of the book of thoth Greek hermetic philosophical texts.

Manetho—an ancient Egyptian priest—claimed that Thot had written The fictional Book of Thoth appears in an ancient Egyptian story from the Ptolemaic period which speaks of a brave ancient Egyptian prince called Neferkaptah who decides to recover the Book of Thoth, hidden at the depths of the Book of thoth.

The cards are very large: The bric-a-brac of the T Aleister Crowley's and Frieda Harris's the actual artist behind the paintings Thoth Deck is the only Tarot deck that might be called intoxicatingly beautiful.


The bric-a-brac of the Thoth Deck however is in exquisite taste. Fortunately, the book is itself Crowley's masterpiece.

The Thoth Deck, like any Tarot deck, can simply be picked up by a determined, would-be divinator, and learned and used well.