Tags: Ytdton Four Pillar Hydraulic Molding Press Machine /4 Column Type Hydraulic Blanking Press Machine | Four Column Hydraulic. Applications: 1. Applicable to blanking stainless steel tableware and kitchenware products. Hydropress: four- column hydraulic tensile machine. Our standard range of mechanical blanking presses has been optimised and approved for more than 20 years. Hydraulic production presses for blanking and punching operations are more flexible then their mechanical Used machines.


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Blanking press

Blanking or cutting relatively thin and soft material e. Blanking machine is used for the above operation.


Purposes of blanked materials: Paper goods, stationery, packaging materials, packings for electric appliances, sound-proof materials and airbags for automobiles, precision blanking machine for blanking machine and mobile phone, function films for LCD etc.

About Die Thomson Die also called "Victorian Die" is generally used for blanking works, especially for paper goods. Each Die manufacturer has its own special market.

High-speed blanking presses

Also studies on Dies are recently advanced, therefore Titan Die and chemical-treated and high-precised thin blades Pinaccle Die are being employed. Please use these Dies for your blanking accommodation. We are pleased to advise you about blades and Dies.

About Half-cut Blanking only necessary upper layers which you want on laminated multi-layer materials. Generally the thickness of the lower blanking machine is 0. This Half-cut blanking is effective in your blanking accommodation. Our machines are able to control the blanking height. About Blanking machine for sheet and roll material We have a product lineup of blanking machines for sheet material and roll material.

Please select blanking machines by kinds, blanking machine, and numbers of materials.

About Blanking machine for sheet and roll material Progressive blanking is a well-known blanking method for metal press machine. When making thin ring packing O. Progressive feed Die Fig.

This type is also able to make multi-cavity Die and very convenient, blanking machine, it is blanking machine to install progressive feeding system on the blanking machine. Our machines have a high-precision feeding system on PAL etc.

This is achieved by compressing the whole part and then an upper and lower punch extract the blank.

Blanking and piercing

Materials that can be fine blanked include aluminiumbrasscopperand carbonalloyand stainless steels. Fine blanking machine presses are similar to other metal stamping presses, but they have a few critical additional parts. The guide plate is the first applied to the blanking machine, impinging the material with a blanking machine protrusion or stinger around the perimeter of the die opening.

Next, a counter pressure is applied opposite the punch, and finally, the die punch forces the material through the die opening.