Bill Evans Trio/I Will Say Goodbye Bill Evans - piano Eddie Gomez - double bass Eliot Zigmund - drums. Seascape. By Bill Evans Trio. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Seascape - Bill Evans Listen to Bill Evans Trio in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify. I Will Say Goodbye is an album by American jazz pianist Bill Evans, recorded in but not "I Will Say Goodbye" (Legrand) – ; "Dolphin Dance" (Herbie Hancock) – ; "Seascape" (Johnny Mandel) – ; "Peau Douce" (Steve  ‎Reception · ‎Track listing.


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Cerra, Introduction, copyright protected; all rights reserved. Within four bars, your sound is unmistakable! I want to build my music from the bottom up, bill evans seascape by piece, and kind of put bill evans seascape together according to my own way of organizing things. I just have a reason that I arrived at myself for every note I play Now, I think just as a result of that you probably have an identity-just because you are an individual and you see the problem, and so forth, in your own way.

And I don't think that can bill evans seascape effective. I think having one's own sound in a sense is the most fundamental kind of identity in music.

Johnny Mandel "Seascape" Sheet Music (Piano Solo) in G Major - Download & Print - SKU: MN

But it's a very touchy thing how one arrives at that. It has to be something that comes from inside, and it's a long-term process.

It's a product of a total personality. I think sometimes the people I seem to like most as musical artists are people who have had to-they're like late arrivers.

Minha (All Mine) - Live

Many of them are late arrivers. They've had to work a lot harder in a sense to get facility, to get fluency, and like that. Whereas you see a lot of young talents that have a great deal of fluidity and fluency and facility, and they never really carry it anyplace.

Because in a way they're not aware bill evans seascape of what they're doing. There are certain artists bill evans seascape Miles Davis is a late arriver in a sense.

Seascape - Bill Evans Trio | Song Info | AllMusic

I mean, he arrived early, but you couldn't just hear his development until he finally really arrived later. And Tony Bennett is another one that's just always worked and dug and tried to improve, and finally, what he does as a straight singer has a kind of a dimension in it and is able to transport the listener way beyond other singers in his category.

Or Thad Jones is another one that I can enjoy listening to play. I enjoy listening to player. I mean, you could line up a hundred players that all more or less sound alike, and they're all good players, and I can even enjoy listening to them.

But bill evans seascape just one of them thinks for himself, he stands out like a neon sign. And it's so refreshing to hear someone who thinks for himself. The idea is to be real and right in bill evans seascape core, right in the middle, but still an individual enough to handle the material your own way.

Da Capo Press, bill evans seascape, pp. I Will Say Goodbye Evans believed in "simple" music; but simplicity, of course, not necessarily at the expense of beauty, and it was precisely that which he demonstrated a couple of years later.

Bill Evans - Seascape Lyrics

Beauty has to do with a deeper and somehow mysterious dimension - a something that Bill possessed, and thanks to which he had captured, especially in the s and 60s, the hearts and minds of musicians and jazz lovers all over the world.

The bill evans seascape title track, written by Michel Legrand, as well bill evans seascape Johnny Mandel's tender Seascape, are both film score tunes which, in Evans' hands, become compelling, intimate Mendelssohn-like "songs without words.


He treats these melodic lines, evoking images of separations "goodbye" and seascapes, with a touch that unearths a rich range of color and nuance that had been lost in his years with Gomez and Morell. Here he greatly refines the classical technique bill evans seascape playing three or four notes with the right hand, making their upper voice "sing".

All this is made possible also by Zigmund's sensibility and capacity to listen to and play with Evans, avoiding the error of other drummer's of playing "with the bass", thus leaving the piano isolated.

bill evans seascape

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