Article. Big Data Analytics for Smart Manufacturing: Case. Studies in Semiconductor Manufacturing. James Moyne * and Jimmy Iskandar. Big data and big business go hand in hand – this is the first in a series where I .. increase in data analytics since , according to a report by the. Economist. IBM Big Data and Analytics case studies show how organizations are achieving significant outcomes with big data and analytics.


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The identifier allows advertiser to use information from the desktop computer.

AWS Case Studies: Big Data

Big data analytics case studies messages can be delivered to you mobile phone using this information. Using AWS services, Yelp streamlined its testing and development environment to maximize the productivity of its hybrid infrastructure, cutting its test-run time to 10 minutes, compared to as much as two hours previously.

BidMotion Case Study By using AWS, BidMotion benefits from low application latency and has scalable storage for billions of rows of data that can be accessed for analysis by machine learning. Its solution provides ad tracking and audience analysis to help companies make their mobile applications more profitable.

Ten big data case studies in a nutshell

The low latency provided by the AWS infrastructure provides a better experience for users of apps employing BidMotion. BluePi serves businesses across India with cloud-based IT solutions and services.

Boingo Wireless Case Study Boingo Wireless uses AWS to big data analytics case studies analytical queries in 25 seconds instead of 45 minutes, load one million data records in 20 seconds instead of two hours, and scale compute resources 20 times faster. Boingo Wireless provides mobile Internet access at more than one million Wi-Fi hotspots across the globe.

C-SPAN Case Study By using AWS to automate the process of identifying when individuals appear in video streams, C-SPAN estimates it will be able to index percent of its first-run content each year, covering 7, hours big data analytics case studies content compared to the previous 3, hours.

C-SPAN is a public service created by the United States cable television industry to make government proceedings available for public viewing.

17 important case studies on Big Data

Cadreon Case Study Cadreon big data analytics case studies big-data queries from thousands of sources in a few seconds and quickly scales to meet growing demand using AWS. The company provides programmatic advertising solutions to branding companies across the globe.

Cadreon runs an audience-insights analytical platform on AWS. Cerner, one of the leading suppliers of health information technology HIT solutions, chose AWS for its global reach and breadth of services, including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Ten big data case studies in a nutshell

It ensures web store visitors can find and buy the products they want easily regardless of traffic numbers thanks to a back-end infrastructure running on Amazon EC2 instances with Auto Scaling, an Amazon S3 data repository, and Amazon Kinesis to capture and process web-store clickstreams in real time.

CrowdStrike Case Study CrowdStrike uses AWS to implement a scalable, cloud-based big data analytics case studies for preventing cyber breaches with on-demand resources, thereby simplifying maintenance, reducing cost, and improving performance.

Telecommunications providers analyze customer, service and device data to improve network service, reduce churn and tap into new sources of revenue.

IBM has helped service providers: Intervene before network big data analytics case studies occur, using predictive analytics to identify when errors are likely to occur, and adjusting the network proactively. Plan for network capacity requirements by analyzing historical traffic, usage, device and location data, and using predictive analytics to determine future needs.

Provide opt-in subscribers with targeted, real-time, location-based offers by selling consolidated subscriber data by segment to advertising partners.


Travel and transportation companies use customer data to personalize interactions and increase loyalty, and vehicle telematics data to improve safety and efficiency of vehicle fleets.

Industrial Becker Underwood uses predictive analytics to improve inventory turn and forecasting accuracy.

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Open improves the experience for fans, tennis players, event organizers and broadcasters using predictive analytics. The city declared three entrants as winners, and his team is now blending the three models to produce a new statistical model that the city hopes to use in Schenk noted, too, that citizens have created their own applications using city data, including a program that drivers whose cars have been towed can use to find their car.

Page 42 Share Cite Suggested Citation: He also said, in response to a question about privacy concerns and pushback from citizens and city employees, that his office is careful about publishing some details in the data, such as the exact address where a crime occurred.

There have been instances of pushback, but he characterized them as minor. A report issued in Independent Security Big data analytics case studies, based on a 2-year study of 12 big data analytics case studies care facilities, two health care data facilities, two medical device companies, and two Web applications such as the one operated by Chicago but for information on health and health care identified a number of potential adversaries who were targeting both patient health and patient records.