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bank exam questions answers Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. It was in the offing. With shortages mounting across the board for water as they are for energy, it was only inevitable that the Central government would be stirred into starting a Bureau of Water Efficiency BWEmuch like the Bureau of Energy Efficiency BEE that was launched some years ago.

Early reports suggest that the draft norms for various sectors consuming water will be created by the BWE soon. The alarm bells have been ringing for some years now.


Water availability per capita in India has fallen from about 5 million litres in the s to 1. Nearly 60 percent of India's aquifers have slumped to critical levels injust the last 15 years. Thanks to the rate at which borewells are being plunged in every city with no law to ban such extraction, groundwater tables have depleted alarmingly.

The BEE's efforts in the last seven years have bank exam questions answers been cosmetic.

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The bureau has looked at efficiency rating systems for white goods in the domestic sector and has not paid attention to the massive consumption of energy in metals manufacture, paper and textiles. These sectors are very intense in both energy and water consumption.

But very little attention has been paid to the water and bank exam questions answers used per tonne of steel or cement or aluminium that we buy, and without significant changes in these areas, the overall situation is unlikely to change. Use of water is inextricably interlinked with energy.

One does not exist without the other. Nearly 80 per cent of fresh water is used by agriculture, with industry coming a close second. bank exam questions answers


The domestic sector's consumption of fresh water is in single digit. So, the BWE's priority should be to look at measures that will get farmers and industrialists to follow good practices in water use.

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Water resources have to be made, by law, an indivisible national asset. The protection and withdrawal of this resource as well as its sustainable development are of general importance and, therefore, in the public interest. This will mean that individuals and organisations may own land but not bank exam questions answers or the other resources that lie below the first 20 metres of the surface of those lands.

Drilling of borewells into such 'national assets' wiil have to be banned, or at the very least they must be regulated. What would be more sensible for the new water bureau to do would be to look at some of the low-hanging fruits that can be plucked, and pretty quickly, with laws that can emanate from the Centre, without the risk of either dilution or inaction from state bank exam questions answers.

The other tactical approach that the BWE can adopt is to devise a policy that addresses the serious water challenge in industry segments across a swathe of companies: Implementing a law is more feasible when the concentration is dense and identifiable. Some of them are facing inside bank exam questions answers some of them are facing outside.

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A sits third to left of H. There is two people sits between H and B. C sits second to right of B. There is three people sits between B and E. Bank exam questions answers sitss second to right of F, who is not immediate neighbor of A. Immediate neighbours of H faces same direction as H.

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