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Employees who are responsible for ankieta pracownicza preparation of organizational, legal and information documentation, including preparation of the HR Strategy and promotion and communication of the elaborated documents: The Commission acknowledges the endorsement letter and expresses its hope that JKU will go further in the process by undergoing the ankieta pracownicza mechanism of the Charter and Code.


JKU is placed in the list of other institutions which have already expressed their support for the Charter and Code in the same way: Participants discuss documents which are to be filed to the EC and the time schedule of preparing the implementation of award HR.

Its participants get familiar with the principles of HR award, the benefits resulting from obtaining it and documents which need to be sent to the European Commission. Its aim is ankieta pracownicza gather opinions ankieta pracownicza the conditions of work and professional development of researchers in JKU with respect to the regulations of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

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During the meeting its members discuss substantive ankieta pracownicza connected with development of the Code and areas which should be included in the Code. Nest meeting of the Team is planned.

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Its Members discuss the final version of the document, they establish changes that have to be introduced. Continuing Professional Development and Access to research training and continuous development indicated in the Action Plan of HR Strategy Department of Science and International Cooperation organizes a training concerning construction of a grant application for one of the calls for proposals of the National Science Centre — Miniatura.

May, The Elegant Solution: Radeka, The Mastery of Inovation. Schonberger, World Class Manufacturing: Hill, The Ankieta pracownicza of Operations Management: Rich, Ankieta pracownicza the Lean Enterprise.

Nobeoka, Thinking Beyond Lean. Fast, The 12 Principles ankieta pracownicza Manufacturing Excellence: Mehri, Notes from Toyota-land: Ahlstrom, This is Lean.

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