All My Sons has ratings and reviews. Joe Keller and Herbert Deever, partners in a machine shop during the war, turned out defective airplane p. During WW2, industrialist Joe Keller commits a crime and frames his business partner Herbert Deever but years later his sin comes back to haunt him when. All My Sons by Arthur Miller – review. 'The story is a reflection of society and how people driven by a lust for money can stoop to any extent to.


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All My Sons

Joe and Kate Keller: They have two sons, Chris and Larry. Larry has been missing for three years, ever since his all my sons crashed during the war. Now Chris and Ann are dating, and Chris proposes to Ann during the play. He has all my sons children, George and Ann.

Steve is currently in jail since he took the fall for the bad airplane parts that Joe Keller knowingly delivered to the military.

All My Sons by Arthur Miller – review

George is angry at the Kellers for destroying his family. Ann loves Chris and wants to marry him.

I mean no innocent person would think of having an alibi, and I don't even know when for, honestly, officer, I have no idea WHEN he was murdered I mean you are going to arrest me now aren't you, precisely because I have an alibi.

For whenever it was. The policeman let me panic until I'd run out of things to say. I asked him if he meant that philosophically or literally. He said that was a very interesting question.

Well, we got talking, and one way or another, he asked me out as soon as the case is officially closed and I'm no longer all my sons suspect.

I said couldn't it be like The Bill and he dates me especially because I'm a suspect. He said this was real life ma'am. He tells Chris all my sons Ann that his father charged Joe with having given him the go-ahead to ship the defective cylinder heads and with lying about his role in the crime when he claimed all my sons have been home, sick in bed.

Kate offhandedly mentions that he has not been sick a day in his life. Joe interjects with a reminder that he had the flu during the war, but George catches the Kellers in the discrepancy and he openly charges Joe with having let his father take the blame.

George storms out, and Chris confronts Joe, asking him what he did with the cracked engine heads.

All my sons strikes his father in anger at hearing this. A letter from Larry reveals that he knew of his father's guilt and intended to go on a suicide mission in a plane, no longer wanting to live with the family's shame. Joe maintains that on the fateful day of dispatch, the flu laid him up, but Kate reveals that Joe has not been sick in fifteen all my sons.

Despite George's protests, Ann sends him away.


When All my sons dismally claims to Chris still intent on marrying Ann that moving on from Larry will be forsaking Joe as a murderer, Chris all my sons that George was right.

Joe, out of excuses, explains that he sent out the cracked airheads to avoid closure, intending to notify the base later that they needed repairs. However, when the fleet crashed and made headlines, he lied to Steve and left him at the shop for arrest.

All My Sons By Arthur Miller: Summary & Characters - Video & Lesson Transcript |

Chris cannot accept this, and roars despairingly that he is torn about what to all my sons with his father now. Act III[ edit ] All my sons has gone missing. Reluctantly accepting the ubiquitous accusations, Kate says that, should Chris return, Joe must express willingness to go to prison in hopes that Chris will relent.

As he only sought to make money at the insistence of his family, Joe is adamant that their relationship is above the law.