How to Find Anything Online With Advanced Search Techniques. Type your search terms into the Address bar in Chrome and Internet Explorer. The info keyword combines several other keywords. Google has very detailed filtering. Keep your calculator in the drawer. Google and Bing also have unit conversion calculators. Top 26 Advanced Google Search Tips, Tricks and Techniques Google search is usually used in it's non-advance form, just putting the keyword. Boolean searching, i.e. using Boolean Operators in between your search words, is the single most effective 'advanced' search technique you can use to improve.


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Truncation allows you to search for all the variants of a word without having to specify them all in your search string.

The Art of SEO by Jessie Stricchiola, Rand Fishkin, Stephan Spencer, Eric Enge

It is very useful to take into account plural and singular forms of a noun. So, as with the not operator you have to be careful when using this operator or you may get a lot of irrelevant records. Think about how many words might start with a root such as car before using truncation.

If you simply wish to include both the singular and the plural forms of a noun in your search advanced search techniques might be better off using the or operator: Wildcards are rather like truncation, but rather than allowing for variation at advanced search techniques end of a word, it allows for variation in a character in the middle of a word.

Advanced Search Techniques

Wild cards are especially useful for taking into account advanced search techniques in spelling. For example, many words can be spelt with an s or a z, e. You could use the or operator to get around this, but wild cards are much neater: Again, syntax can vary between databases, sometimes?

Putting it all together Using Boolean operators it is possible to construct complex strings of search terms. To make sure the computer does exactly what you want it to, you need to use advanced search techniques parenthesis to make the structure of your search string clear.

Let us continue with our example. We also want to specify that the word red occurs near car or cars.

PubMed - Searching Medical Literature: Getting Started

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They provide a rich array of commands that can be used to perform advanced research, diagnosis, and competitive analysis. A page with just the word lesson advanced search techniques be returned as well.

Using Advanced Search Techniques - The Art of SEO [Book]

Using the OR operator outside parentheseis does not distribute the word outside parenthesis to words inside. Example - internet OR tutorial OR lesson will not ensure advanced search techniques have internet and either tutorial or lesson.

The search in this case could yield pages that have any one of the three keywords. All documents would have to have internet or Each left side parenthesis must be paired with a right side one somewhere in the Boolean expression or the search engine will get confused see how stupid they advanced search techniques If you make this kind of mistake many engines will return the message "syntax error".