There are stories, steps, theories, and personal advice from a plethora of different people inside the big blue book. Everyone has their favorites. Sobriety help, in your pocket. Whether you're new to AA, or you're a seasoned veteran, this is the easiest and most useful app to aid in your recovery. The free. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism (generally known as The Big Book) is a.


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The two aa big blue book to work on how to best approach alcoholics and began trying to help men recover from alcoholism.

The idea for the book aa big blue book at least as early aswhen Bill W. Bob realized their system had helped over 40 men stay sober for more than 2 years. The book was meant to carry their message far and wide.

Wilson started writing the book in [7] with the financial support of Charles B. The book serves as the basic text of AA. There have been a numerous reprints and revisions, In addition to translations into dozens of languages.

The Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous) - Wikipedia

The book is published by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services and is available through AA offices and meetings, as well as through booksellers. The 4th edition is also freely available online.

Bill's Story and Dr. Bob's Nightmare and the personal experiences of some alcoholics are detailed as well as the series of solutions which evolved to become the twelve-step program.

The Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous)

How to use the twelve steps is explained using examples and anecdotes. Some chapters target a specific audience. One chapter is devoted to agnosticswhile another is named "To Wives" most of the first AA members were menand still another is for employers.

The second part of the book whose content varies from edition to edition is a collection of personal stories, in which alcoholics tell their stories of addiction aa big blue book recovery.

Frequently mentioned sections are: The main goal of the book is to make it possible for the aa big blue book to find a power greater than himself to solve his problem.

‎AA Big Book on the App Store

The writers indicate that an alcoholic "of our type" can under no circumstances become a moderate drinker: By way of anecdotal evidence, the example is provided of a man who, after 25 aa big blue book sobriety, began to drink moderately and within two months landed in hospital.

The reasoning is aa big blue book once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. The book contends that it is impossible for one to quit drinking by oneself.

A new attitude or set of aa big blue book also would not help. Whosoever is an alcoholic must admit that they cannot help themselves alone. There was no joy in drinking when the next day brought jitters and physical pain.

After a long overnight in the ER, I downloaded this app aa big blue book next afternoon and read it nightly to maintain sobriety. Even if you aren't sure about giving up alcohol, please take ONE night away from the liquor and download this so you can instead read about s sober future.

Read it sooner than later.


You will be grateful you did and so will others in your life. And the stories included are only from the 1st and 2nd editions.