English: Target for air rifle at 10 meter shooting range. Based on ISSF technical rules. The target: total Ø = mm. 4 ring Ø = mm. 10 Meter Air Rifle Target | NRA AR-5/ SKUNRA AR-5/ Distance10 meter. Bulls Eye ø mm. Size x 12 inch. Weight/ lbs. Certificate. 10 Meter. Overview; Highlights; Review; Discuss. Innovation and airgun . Whereas the 10m Air Rifle target measures just mm across ( inches) and.


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Finals[ edit ] Up untilthe top 10 meter air rifle targets shooters from the qualification phase move on to a finals event consisting of 10 shots — each decimal scored to a maximum of Like the other scoring rings the maximum of The new format begins with 2 series of 5 shots each, to be fired within seconds per series.

This is followed by 14 single shots each fired on command with 50 seconds for each shot.


There is a total of 24 finals shots, setting the highest possible 24 shots score at If there is a tie for the lowest ranking athlete to 10 meter air rifle targets eliminated, the tied athletes will fire additional tie-breaking single shots until the tie is broken.

Equipment[ edit ] For the 10 meter air rifle and air pistol disciplines, match diabolo pellets are used.

File:10 m Air Rifle target.svg

These pellets have wadcutter heads, meaning the front is nearly flat, that leave clean round holes in paper targets for easy scoring. This information is then displayed on a monitor as well as allowing shots to be tracked for training.

This method has proven to be accurate to within a thousandth of an inch! For the rest of us working our way to that level of competition, the tried and true method of paper targets and manually operated carrier devices are what is usually found at 10m competitive ranges.

At these low-level 10 meter air rifle targets often more shots per target are allowed before changing them out and range officials determine scores. Clearly there are perks to arriving at the higher levels of competition as these electronic 10 meter air rifle targets are far superior although fairly expensive at this time.

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Hopefully a manufacturer will design a more cost efficient home model to use for training purposes. Notice the size of the target above. And keep in mind 10m is quite a distance considering the size of the bull on that target!

Champion's Choice

The amount of concentration and training needed to 10 meter air rifle targets at the highest levels is staggering. But clearly it can be done. Velocities of 10m air rifles are almost always under fps.

Though this isn't regulated, more speed doesn't help accuracy at 10m even though clearly capable with the advancement of technologies into the pre-charged pneumatic era.

ISSF 10 meter air rifle - Wikipedia

But keeping in mind the amount of shots in a match let alone hours practicing, lower velocities also extend shots per fill on a PCP. So even though technically you can fire at higher velocities, no one really does. Also you'll notice that only open sights are allowed no scopes or red dot sights are allowed.

Diopter sights are what you almost use exclusively. The small viewing opening allows for extreme precision 10 meter air rifle targets accuracy.


With the long sighting line on a rifle, this removes angle errors. You'll notice on high-end competition rifles that many athletes will include rubber eye shields, optical filters and adjustable diopter aperture sizes to further create optimal aiming conditions.

You're still shooting at 10 meters, firing. If the match is not using electronic scoring systems, an additional 15 minutes is added for men 10 minutes for women to allow for the switching of paper targets.

The pistol 10 meter air rifle targets be fired one handed only from a standing, unsupported position. Unlike 10m Air Rifle, there is no special clothing required though you'll notice many competitors utilizing shooting glasses.

These glasses have a bevy of options including corrective lenses positioned square on the eye, colored lenses and filters to accentuate contract and blinders for the non-shooting eye particularly important if you have a cross dominant eye, meaning your shooting eye is not your dominant eye.

The other 10 meter air rifle targets difference is in the size of the target.

Whereas the 10m Air Rifle target measures just